True Journey of Hindu Woman

This is story of chandini thats me based on true event in my life idk how to write story but I have tried my best to write perfectly and show you to guys as much as it would look real.

As I born in hindu family and grown up. Parents are so protective for their girls til their marriages. We know these all well.

So my childhood and teen age all went in protectiveness and caring fulfil by my parents.

In my family me my younger brother mom and dad belong to small and good family and there are some relatives who join us occasionally.

As my whole family are vegetarian so still my mom and me have well thickness and tightness in our boobs and butts the fats grow those two parts of our body only but as my dad and brother they are veggie too they dnt grow fats in their body they are slim

When I were 14 I grown up early and built up my body looks like 22 years old as compare to one of my relatives cousin sister.

As I became 22 my body its looking some matured women 27y/o. I just completed my graduation till 22y/o

and later then one day some1 from my relatives came to my house they were talking to my dad. when I brought up cup of teas and biscuits for my dad and to them they saw me and started conversation about me. Bachi toh kafi badi ho gyi h shadi k umr ki hogyi haan!! padai khatm hua ya nhi bachi ka mishra ji (my dad)


Then my dad replied yes she has already finished graduation acha ldka dund rha hu shadi krane k liye

Relative- lo kya baat krtey ho humare yaha pehchan k ek ldka h bahot hii achi family h ladka abi bahr country me doctor ki study kr rha h abi shayad ek do saal mei padai khatm kr k aane wala h bolo toh baat chhed du

dad- thik h lekin ldke ko ek bar dekh le or kesa dekhta h or humari beti ko b pasand ana chahye!

Relative- ldke ka naam rohit mishra ye dekho mere facebook pr ooska photo tagg kiya hua h or family toh bahot achi or rich khandan h ek bar ldke wale party se baat kr k milwa detey h

Dad- thik h lekin apko ldka umr mei kuch chota nhi lag rha h humare chandini se

Relative- apko umr se matlb h yaa ache khandan or ache ldke se

Dad- baat toh thik h

Or fir baat jese waise khatm huyi relatives jaa chukey they

Dad- chandinin beti! Tera koi facebook h?

Me- han dad kyu kya hua?

Dad- Jara ek naam search kr rohit mishra

Search krne k baad ek cute se sakkal wale ldke ka photo najar aya dad ne osse pehchan kr muzse pucha

Dad- iss teri shadi krne ki baat ho rhi h ldka doctor h tuze pasand h ldka?

Me- jesa aap thik samjho dad

Dad- thik h mai baat aage badata hu

Me- ok dad

Raat mei mene fir facebook open ki ooske photos and details dekhne lagi

Rohit mishra age 21 religion hindu studying mbbs blah blah….

Ye toh mere se ek saal chota h

Chhodo kya krna dad ne socha h toh acha hii socha hoga waise b cute dekhtey h bahot

Then I add him in facebook he accepted my request we had some convo then he was asking my hot pics I did not tell him I am going to marry him someday

I sent him some of my cleavage pictures he started telling me you really hot and sexy everyone wants to marry with you you are real beauty


Me- thank you I think I need to sleep now

Rohit- ok gn

Then convos were like that for week then he got to know he is going to marry me

he talked to his parents and said yes

After 4months he came back india we had engagement ceremony all went good

Then he went back to abroad for study of his final year in mmbs

And then time passes too fast he came back from abroad and we had married in the same year then he went to delhi for clear his licence exam

I were getting bore in his house I use to just watch tv and eat sleep

Then one day I realised some1 starring at me always then I got to know there was one muhmud tailor shop in front of my house. The guy his name muhmud khan 40 or 45y/o mascular healthy long height always wearing lungi paizama kurta there is one more guy chotu his name is ramu 24y/o slim always says ji malik yes malik

I think they know I am newly married and my husband is not here they just stare at boobs open gap between hips and blouse I use to feel uncomfortable and bad awkward when some1 strong mascular man see my body or starring.

then slowly started liking enjoying when I started thinking I have really nice figure here no one have figure like me

Its 38c 26 36 and bra cup size is ‘c’ actually I have broad size breast thatswhy its long legnth when its measuring.

When I use to talk with rohit in phone I use to go in balcony and rohit always talks naughty sensual sex topics I started look at muhmud eyes to eyes with face expressions I use to drop my pallu so that he can see my big boobs and cleavage I leave the pallu drop down and playing with my hair looking at him and smiling. Because its drive me crazy making me too horny with having phone sex with rohit I cant satisfy my needs even I cnt touch my pussy I dnt get much privacy in rohit house always some1 with me mom sister in law. I only get my privacy when I use to talk with rohit on phone. He just talks about sex only whenever he tries to call me while he is stroking his dick

Then slowly rohit’s fantasy started developing once rohit said in phone try to wear sometime backless and send hot and nudes pictures

Me- omg okay tomorrow I will send you bye for now your mom is calling me and then I did mummha (made kissed sound)for rohit while looking at muhmud and said I love youu.. smiled it. To be continued….

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