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Two real incidents involving hindu girl and muslim male when I was in school

These two incidents happened when I was in school 15 to 20 years back.

First incident: I was in class 6th and we had a beautiful English and History teacher named Navika Bisht she was probably 22 to 25 years old. In those days me and my friends in the class were attracted to her. We had sexual feelings for her and used to talk about it with one another in our friend circle.
There was a muslim boy named Amjad in class 12th in our school, he was also a basketball player. He used to visit Navika mam. Sometimes we saw him come to our class and they both talked.
Sometimes Navika mam gave us some work told us to write an essay or a letter just to keep us busy so that she could talk with Amjad.
Once my friend said in dono ka chakkar chal raha hai that something is between these two.
Few months later we heard the news that Navika mam has been fired from the job. My friend told us this and he came to know about it from a senior in 12th class that Navika mam has been fired and Amjad has been suspend for a month. A senior teacher caught Navika and Amjad after the school kissing and cuddling inside an empty class. She told the principal sir who fired her as he deemed Navika more responsible because she was much older than Amjad.
Now I feel she was so desperate for that muslim cock. Surely it wouldn’t have ended there as beautiful Navika must be got fucked by Amjad outside the school.

Second incident: This time I was in class 10th and there was a sweet and good looking girl in class 7th named Ranjana. She looked very innocent and was good in studies usually we heard her name in the list of toppers in the class and she was also good in extra curricular activities so most of us knew her.
There was a muslim guy in her class named Zubair he lived in the school hostel (boarding). Every year there was a function in our school it took place in the evening and ended at 8PM in the night. In our school boarding was strict they didn’t allow boarding students to go outside alone, they were only allowed to go out on Sundays as a group under the supervision of boarding manager.
On the day of the function both Zubair and Ranjana were  having sex in an empty class it was winter season and it was dark in the evening. There was a nanny in our school she was employed to take care of small children and other small things. She was old and loyal to the principle. She saw them having sex. She told the principle who then dismissed Zubair from the school and suspended Ranjana for a month. One of my friends said usne apna lund andar daal rakha tha jab wo nanny waha par class lock karne gayi aur un dono ko pakad liya.

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  1. bhai cone on yahoo mere life me bhi maine aise kai incident dekhe hai plz yahoo par aao ayr story share karenge with pics
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  2. in dono incident men kisi ki koi galti ni thi

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