Types Of Hindu Cuckolds

Hindu cuckolds may be of different types but one thing is common among them all -“nothing makes them harder than seeing Hindu girls getting banged by Musalman guys”, which is also what usually happens in real.

They get aroused at the thought of a Hindu girl with a KatBullah. The thought that starts from their brain and sends chills through their spine ultimately giving them the weirdest boner of their lives thereby pushing them into the world of Hindu cuckoldry.

So here are the kinds of Hindu Cuckolds that exist in the todays society.

Ultra Liberal: This kind of hindu cuckold is usually not frustrated. He truly believes in love and harmony. He likes the idea of interfaith breeding as the means to bring peace and unity. He encourages love jihad and enjoys seeing hindu girls going for the musalmans. He loves to make Muslim friends and likes introducing his h!ndu female friends to Musalmans. He likes to push hindu girls onto the lap of musalmans and jacks off seeing hindu girls riding the katmullah lund.

Virat Hindu: This kind of hindu cuckold is usually frustrated as he hates Muslims with a passion. His journey begins when he realizes the need to protect hindu girls from musalmans and love jihad. He tries to expose musalmans and educate hindu girls but on the contrary most modern day hindu girls don’t like their divisive attitude.
The poor H guy soon realizes that its almost impossible to turn Hindu girls against the Musalmans.

Next he becomes sick of Hindu girls siding with Musalmans against their views.

The heat inside him keeps rising up until one day he gets the weirdest boner and ends up masturbating seeing a hindu girl loving the musalman. Ahh it felt so good, such a relief, never in his life his heart pumped so hard while jacking off.
This kind of Hindu cuckold is usually spends most of the day talking about Muslims on social media but the real fun begins at night when he masturbates to cuck porn seeing Hindu girls with musalman lund. Many such Hindu cuckolds are regular visitors of interfaithxxx.

The Cuckservative: A virat Hindu could transform into a cuckservative later on due to certain experiences.
Such a Hindu cuckold in his heart supports Musalmans even though from the outside he may pretend to be hardcore Hindu to please his social circle which mostly consists of virat Hindu males.
When a hindu guy finally realizes that Hinduism is a lost cause and starts masturbating to Muslim cock he becomes a Cuckservative Hindu Cuckold.

The Centerist: This kind of Hindu cuckold has a balanced approach. He is not motivited by certain ideology. He likes to see hindu girls riding musalman lund for the fun of it. He likes taboo and fetishes and what could be a bigger taboo than to see his own mom, wife or sister getting banged by a Muslim.

The Sissy: He is not a gay but still feels like sucking a muslim dick. Muslim cock turns him on and he not only craves to suck it but also wants other hindu girls to worship it.

12 thoughts on “Types Of Hindu Cuckolds

  1. I come in Ultra Liberal category.
    From a very young age i saw the size of muslim cocks and was convinced k virodh karna bekar hai. My gf cuckolded me various times before breaking up.

  2. This article written by LORDKHAN is clear and gives true picture of Hindu Cuckold Society. Majority of Hindu males and females, like to keep their wedding relationship in tact, since Hindu males are caring and broadminded, females like to enjoy hard sex with Muslim Studs, and Hindu male enjoy, being cuckold type.
    In a family even Females’ relatives, such as Brothers,sisters, mother-in-laws, bring Muslim males at home and help simple type females to mingle with Muslim males, and encourage them.
    If one female has enjoyed sex with Muslim male, she will encourage other females to follow her.
    In some high class female kitty parties, females boast , having many Muslim Boy friends.

  3. Din b Din, Mughlon ke waqt se, Musalman mard, Hindu auraton ko choud choud kar Hindustan me apni aabadi bada rahe hain. Aap sab, status check karen.

  4. I am Virat Hindu. Slowly converting into the sissy.aag h hum sb hindu cucks me and i want ki ye aag khul k bhar aye. I want all of my cucks friends to come chat with me. Lets support each other.
    [email protected]

  5. Lovely article.
    All Hindu hubbies should encourage their wives, especially Brahmin and Rajput wives to have Muslim boyfriends and slowly become their sluts. That is the only way that Hindu hobbies can enjoy – by knowing that their wives can be converted to horny sluts and that they can watch them being fucked hard by their Muslim bulls.

    I have been wanting a Muslim bull for my shy, conservative Brahmin wife – to convert her into a sexy slut by her Muslim lover, for him.

  6. i m the cuckservative and the centerist.outside i support Hindus bt inside i crave my mom and gf to go for Muslim cock.. my mom already taken by them.

  7. Mein to shayad ultra librel mein aata hu..bachpan se mere ghar mein mullo ka khub aana jaan h .. meri maa ka divorse 15 saal pehle ho chuka h uske baad kai mullo se uske sharirik sambandh rhe h .. maa ki dekha dekhi meri badi bahen ne bhi ek mulle se shaadi kari h mujhe bahut pasand aata h jab raat ko maa ke kamre se chudai ki awaazein aati h ya meri bahen ko uska muslim pati buri tarah chod rha hota h .. ab meri choti bahen bhi jawaan ho gayi h shayad kisi din wo bhi kisi mulle se chud jaaye .. mein aksar dekhta hu meri maa mullo se khul ke milti h ..kaash mein bhi kisi mulle ke bistaer pe ja pata kik muslimkasalabeta

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