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Undergraduate H!ndu Student Elopes With Musl!m Labourer

Another case where a H!ndu girl falls for a musalman mard from a poor background.

On June 25, Komal an undergraduate student had eloped with her muslim neighbour Salman, a daily wage labourer. A week later, she was scheduled to marry a youth chosen by her parents. So she didn’t want to marry the H guy chosen by her parents.
In the big cities and towns thousands of  hindu girls party and date musalman guys everyday without any tension but life is different in the villages, still h!ndu girls and musalman mards are ready to cross the red line in spite of the strict environment.

In fact in Maharashtra CID was given the task to probe affairs between educated h!ndu girls and muslim guys from poor backgrounds or rural areas.
Muslim boys in rural areas were wooing Hindu college girls and then marrying them.
Nothing came out of the probe, there was no conspiracy. H!ndu girls like musalman guys.

Muslim guys are better lovers and seducers. Muslman guys have had more success with women all over the world

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