Valentine week by Deepti

It has been almost four months since I has slept with anyone other than my husband, I moved three months ago for my husband’s career leaving all my old affairs. When they first moved in I considered starting a family but Nikhil, my husband, didn’t feel ready to stop our exploring, he suggested we wait until we were well settled in the new place and then we’d discuss it. In those three months I started to follow my fertility chart just in case but they never really discussed it again. I started to think Nikhil was right about my continuing my amorous activities, I and Nikhil had sex almost daily and it was ok but it didn’t make my feel dirty. I missed teasing him with dirty texts while I’s out on a date or when he would be out of town, and how hard he fucked my when I was returned to him.

A few days before he was going to leave on a ten day trip Nikhil mentioned finding a new playmate, he brought it up as he played with my cunt after I got out of the shower. I moaned in agreement as he led me to the bed, he bent me over pulled a condom from the drawer and fucked me from behind hard and fast until he came. The next day I looked at some of the websites I had visited before; I had a small group of friends in my old city and hadn’t been on any of them in a few years. I also considered going out on Saturday to find someone but wasn’t really sure that was something I felt comfortable doing. On Friday morning I drove him to the airport as they kissed goodbye he squeezed my ass and told me to have fun.

I always gets extremely horny when I enters my fertile cycle but I couldn’t decide what to do, I looked online but would really need more time before meeting someone like that so on Saturday night in a moment of wanton desperation I decided to go to a bar. I dressed in a short loose black mini skirt and white button down shirt with lacy red bra and panties underneath. I had a good time and drank a little too much but didn’t really connect with anyone. At around midnight I took a cab home and swayed to my front door. I fumbled through my purse looking for the keys I unknowingly dropped on the curb as I paid the cab driver. I kicked my locked door a few times before heading to the side to try some windows, the only one open was the laundry room it was kind of high but it would have to do. I had my upper body through when I heard someone calling out,

“Who the hell is that? What’s going on? You better not be…, Deepti is that you?”

I could see a light flashing around her. I recognized that voice it was Aslam, 47 year old Muslim rickshaw puller who lived in the empty plot in a makeshift slum home behind my house. I knew he was getting a good look at my ass, I was a little embarrassed but it wasn’t the first time he had gotten a good look I had accidently teased him a couple times while walking around naked with the blinds open.

“You need some help I?” His voice was gruff.

“Yes please.” I shouted back.

The old Muslim man stared at my 22 year old ass as he boosted my up. I hit the floor calling out I was ok then headed for the door, Aslam came around from the side and I waved him over,

“Thanks for the help!” 

“It was no problem.” He replied with huge smile, looking my body up and down.

“I mean, not just for the boost but for looking out for me as well, I owe you one.” I was clearly drunk.

“Well maybe you like to join me for a beer? I was out here drinking alone when I heard you.”


I knew I didn’t need any more alcohol but it was only a beer with my neighbor.

“Come on in and I’ll get the beer.” I said excitedly.

I didn’t realize they would be going inside but didn’t think much of it at the time, I didn’t like old men and never really considered a married Muslim man before so I didn’t see him sexually at all. We cracked one open and began small talk. Aslam was witty and funny and kept I laughing as one beer turned to three. When I would get to relaxed my legs fell open flashing my red panties to him across from me, I would catch myself and close them but it happened several times. The short glimpses were more enough to get Aslam aroused and when I noticed the large mass in his pajama bottoms he called me on trying to get a look,

“Just ask if you want a look at my cock.” He teased her.

Turning red I tried to deny, mostly to herself, that I was trying to see anything.

“No, I just..”

“It’s ok.” He smiled,” I was just playing with you.”

“I’m sorry.” I looked away feeling even more embarrassed.

“It’s fine, I been getting an eyeful myself.” He snickered.

I laughed relieving the tension, the lewd comment was slightly titillating even if it did come from a dirty old Muslim man.

“Maybe I should make some coffee.”

As I filled the cups I started to wonder why I felt so fluttered and why I was trying to keep him here, this was “just company” I said to myself. The two drank their coffee their conversation went from the neighborhood to marriage and not having kids to sex. Aslam casually mentioned,

“I haven’t had sex in six weeks, I must wore my wife out.” He laughed.

“You wore her out?” I almost spit my coffee laughing.

“Yeah, I ruined her cunt.” He grabbed his bulge through the thin material drawing my eyes.

I didn’t believe it could really be that big but he had my curious again.

“You’re terrible.” I laughed stealing another glance at his growing bulge.

Still intoxicated I was almost giddy, their conversation became laced with innuendo and dirty jokes. I told myself we were just having fun but when I found herself staring at his crotch I realized just how horny I was, I knew I should probably try to get him to leave but reasoned that I would never do anything with a married Muslim guy or someone that old. I started to clear the coffee table mindlessly bending over in front of him. Aslam stared at my firm ass as my skirt rode up seeing his invitation, a big wet spot on my little red panties.

I jumped as I felt a big rough hand grab my ass, I was surprised by the desire I was feeling. He pulled the skirt over my ass and his other hand grabbed my hips pulling my back. I squealed and giggled as I fell into his lap, his big hands grabbed the back of my knees pulling them up and apart shifting my weight back against him. I watched his big Muslim hands slide over my milky white thighs the dark skin wouldn’t let my forget who was touching me, letting a Muslim man older than my father do this to me made me feel so dirty. I gasped as he pulled my wet red panties aside revealing my waxed cunt. His rough fingers ran over the short soft hairs before teasing at my swollen clit, sliding between my puffy lips they sunk effortlessly inside me. I started to cum as he proceeded to put another finger into my cunt, 

“Gotta loosen you up first.” He sneered,” Little cunt like this is too tight.” He pushed a third finger in.

“Is it really that big?” I winced.

“Maybe too much for you, it might hurt.” He teased.

“I’m pretty deep.” I bragged with a giggle.

“We’ll see,” He laughed spreading his finger inside her.

He worked his fingers into me for several minutes before sliding me to the couch beside him,

“I think this cunt is ready now” He stood to take off his pants,

“Wait, I need to get a condom.” 

I hurried to my room retrieving a rubber, when I returned he was still standing clothed I unbuttoned my blouse as I moved towards him letting it fall before kneeling at his feet,

“You want me to put it on?” I asked pulling down his pants.

My heart jumped as he revealed his enormous cock, it wasn’t completely hard yet but was almost ten inches and so thick I couldn’t get my hand all the way around. It was circumcised and veiny, with a strong musk that filled my nostrils. The slut wife inside me felt challenged by his excessive manhood. I ran my soft lips along the heavy shaft his Muslim cock but to my shameful disappointment I found I couldn’t fit little more than the giant head into my mouth leaving much of his thick Muslim cock dry. I licked the sides as I opened the wrapper but the condom seemed too small. I tried to stretching it over the tip but I could tell it was too tight on him, 

“Do you have any bigger ones?” I asked stroking his cock.

“No, I haven’t needed any in a long time.”

“Should we get some, I’m not on birth control.”

“It’ll be ok baby, I can pull out if want.”

I knew it wasn’t a good idea even if he did pull out but I needed to have this cock,

“Ok, Just be careful.” I said meekly.

Aslam pulled me up of my feet and kissed me, as he felt me sink into his arms he spun me around pushing me towards the couch. I let out and excited yelp as I fell, I positioned my knees on the edge of the seat while my arms and head laid on the backrest. The old Muslim man stood behind my pulling my soaked panties around my thighs, his fingers circling my clit, he spit on my ass and watched it run down between my cheeks before smearing it in with my wetness and priming my little cunt with his fingers. I looked back,

“I’ve never been fucked by a Muslim guy older than my Daddy” I said in an innocent tone.

“Well this big Muslim cock is about to ruin your little Hindu married cunt.”

I thought ‘Ruin’ was appropriate, the pretty young wife inside me felt like I was going to be defiled by letting an old Muslim man fuck me, I felt dirtier than I ever had before. Aslam smeared my juices over his cock before pressing up behind me and dangling it between my thighs, 

“It’s still gonna be tight.”

He lined his enormous Muslim cock up with my tiny pink cunt and pushed the huge head against my dripping wetness tracing my opening with the tip, My cunt drooled all over it as it grazed my clit. I impatiently wiggled my ass back giggling but couldn’t force it in so Aslam grabbed my hips and started to push. my giggling stopped as I felt the pressure of the fat Muslim tip trying to spread my open, I started to have doubts as I strained trying to accept it,

“I don’t think it’ll fit.”

“Just relax baby.” He made small thrusts trying to stretch the opening enough to enter.

“It hurts, I don’t think I can take it. Ugghh.”

“Oh ahh ah, I knew you could do it.”

The big Muslim cock forced me open, I buried my head in the couch and whimpered in exquisite pain as Aslam went nice and slow gently pushing into my with tiny thrusts. My body was burning up as his cock immensity filled my cunt, gushing uncontrollably to let him deeper. Aslam was amazed, he barely bumped my cervix as my tiny smooth cunt took all ten inches. I was overwhelmed by how tight I felt around him, how full I felt,

“Oh fuck,” I panted as he soaked in my depths.” You’re so fucking big.”

Aslam slowly pulled his thick Muslim cock out of my tight cunt leaving only the tip inside then slowly pushed all the way back into me, after a few thrusts all the pain faded to pure pleasure I started pushing back into his thrusts. Aslam took this as a sign he could start fucking me, tightening his grip on my hips his thrusts grew harder,

“Time to get that cunt.” His voice almost sounded cruel.

“Oh yes, fuck me.” I begged.

Aslam squeezed tight on my waist and mercilessly drove his monstrous Muslim cock into me. I collapsed on the couch while my cunt spasms around him in a chain of orgasms. Aslam furiously pounded into my intent on making my cunt make up for the last six weeks of forced celibacy. I was in a daze as the old man got his use out of me, my thighs were soaked and trembling, the only thing keeping me up was his big hands as his thick Muslim cock plunged over and over into my depths. I felt his balls tightening and pulled out before he could cum, straining between my ass cheeks. I tried to catch my breath but Aslam quickly rolled my onto my back pulling my ass to the edge of the couch, I raised my knees holding my thighs apart. He leaned over me covering my body with his. Seeing him face to face made my feelings of defilement more intense, his heavy body pressed against her, his bearded Muslim face, and receding hair all disgusted my but I would do anything for that cock. He slapped the weight of his cock against my clit,

“Who’s cunt is this?” He growled in my ear positioning his cock at my opening.

“Yours.” I replied meekly.

“This is my cunt?” He asked pushing his Muslim cock into my cunt.

“Ooh, Yes.”

“Say it.” He demanded with long hard strokes.

“It’s your cunt.” I gasped.

“That means I’m gonna use it whenever I want.” He huffed.

“Yes” I whispered,” It’s yours.”

As he sat up to continue his assault I got my first view of my tender pink cunt stretched tightly around the immense girth of his glistening Muslim cock, the sight made my cunt gush allover his hammering cock. Aslam kept a strong hard rhythm until he felt his balls swelling,

“I think I need to slow down.” He warned.

“Please, don’t stop!” I gasped,” Don’t stop!”

The old Muslim man changed his timing, I knew he was going to cum and that I should pull away, my mind kept telling me to stop but my body ignited in anticipation. Aslam could feel cum built up for months swelling in his loins, he told me he would pull out but was waiting until the very last second. My pretty blue eyes stared up into his expressing my intent,

“It’s ok,” I moaned” You can AhhAhh!”

Before I could finish I felt his big Muslim cock expand deep inside my already tight cunt releasing a surge of molten cum into my receptive body. My own orgasm peaked realizing how risky this was, I had a confusing combination of fear and fulfillment knowing my spongey cervix was soaking up Aslam’s thick Muslim sperm. The thought sent images of my body swollen with a Muslim baby flashing through my head, I tried deny the level of desire it inspired but I felt myself trying to pull him deeper as the old man continued pumping his cum in my fertile cunt.

“Yes, yes, yes” I gasped.

Aslam continued with short thrusts after releasing the last drop. When he finally pulled his enormous cock from my body I watched a massive flow of thick sticky cum ooze from my reddened cunt but made no effort to contain it. I was left cum filled and exhausted on my couch.

My head spun as I woke the next day, I was slightly hung over but had a clear recollection of the night before. I was disappointed and disgusted with myself noticing a large pool of Aslam’s dried cum on the couch beneath me, as I stood up more seeped from my aching cunt. After cleaning herself up I messaged my husband telling him I had been with someone, we were always honest with each other which is why I was hoping he wouldn’t ask about who it was. 

“Did you have a good time?”

I couldn’t deny that I did, I felt so sore and used up.


“Where did you meet him?”

I paused trying to figure out what to say but couldn’t lie,

“It was Aslam.” I felt so embarrassed sending the message.

There were several minutes of anxious waiting before the phone wrung in my hand,


“You let that old Muslim man fuck you?” His voice huffed but I could hear his excitement.

“Yes, I was kinda drunk.”

“I’ve wanted to see you with a blue collar Muslim man for a long time now.”

“Really, I thought you might be upset.”

“No of course not, I just didn’t know how to bring it up since we never really talked about stuff like that.”

“I didn’t really like the idea but I was drunk and horny he kept making me laugh the next thing I knew we were talking about sex and I couldn’t stop staring at his crotch.”

“Was he big?”

“He has the biggest cock I’ve ever seen.” I started rubbing my mound.

“I would love to see you play with it, are you going to let him have you again?”

My fingers curled inside my slick cunt,

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea, since he lives next door.”

I could smell traces of cum in the air as freed my two fingers, the taste was unmistakable.

“What’s wrong with that?” 

“What if he starts coming over expecting me to do things for him?” 

“Maybe you should do them,” He said casually still unaware I we didn’t use protection.

“He’s just a lonely old man, you should be neighborly.”

“This is really turning you on, isn’t it?”


“So what do YOU want me to do?” 

“I want you to fuck him.”

“I know that, should I do anything special?”

“You do whatever he wants.”


“Yes, I want you to let him use you up before I get home.”

“Ok” I giggled.” I’ll be real neighborly.”

After saying our goodbyes we both started making plans. Nikhil’s distance from me left him to wallow in his lust sending his thoughts to very depraved places. I glanced out my window checking to see if Aslam was home but I didn’t see his Rickshaw. I got dressed for the day found my spare keys, and went out to pick some things up. My first stop was lingerie and a new dress, my smile was uncontainable as I paid for my items. The sales girl knew I was going to get fucked but she would never guess it was an old Muslim man I was trying to please. After that I went to the pharmacy my slutty smile beaming as I picked up extra-large condoms and a morning after pill. I had one more stop to pick up a case of the beer Aslam liked before heading home. When I got home I noticed my dropped keys on the curb.

Inside I got my things ready laying out my new underwear and dress, chilling the beer, I put the condoms on the coffee table, and opened the pill. I went to the kitchen to get a glass and noticed Aslam walking in, I felt my cunt throb as I watched him. He spotted me giving the usual wave as he headed in. I felt a little upset that he barely acknowledged me but knew it was for the best, in public sight at least. Forgetting about the pill I went to get ready, I showered, rubbed baby oil over my bare skin letting it seep in before getting dressed. I chose a matching set of lacy white bustier, panties, garter, thigh highs, and a light blue summer dress that covered it all perfectly. I curled the ends of my silky hair. When I was finished it was getting dark, I took two of the beers and went to his door.

Aslam smiled as he let me inside,

“I wasn’t sure I’d be seeing you anytime soon.” 

“Really? I thought you had a good time?” I couldn’t resist grabbing at his cock through his pants.

“I did, I just figured your cunt would be to sore?”

“It is a little, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.” I giggled.

Aslam took the beers from me as I sunk to my knees. My blue eyes sparkled as I freed his cock, I still struggled to get much more than the head in my mouth but gave my best effort. Aslam began drinking one of the beers as I tried to please him. Looking up at him I slobbered on his Muslim cock stroking with both hands, spit dripped down my chin onto the front of my pretty new dress. I could feel Aslam getting weak in the knees and pulled off before he could cum. I rose to my feet,

“I just came over to invite you for dinner.” I said playfully as I opened the door to leave.

“I’ll be there.” He huffed trying to collect himself.

I went home and made a lovely dinner for my elderly neighbor, we ate and laughed and when we finished I suggested we settle in the living room for ‘coffee’. Aslam eagerly headed to living room noticing the dried cum on the couch as he sat down. When I came in I placed the coffee on the table next to the condoms making Aslam take notice, as he reached for his cup I slowly pulled up the front of my dress revealing my lacy panties and garter.

“Oh my!” He gasped.

“Do you like it?” 

“Fuck yes.” He sat up and pulled me to him as I peeled of the dress.

“I got it for you.”

I grew wet as his large Muslim hands mauled my lace clad body before attacking my cunt,

“Let’s get you ready.” He sneered.

He pulled my small white panties down to the floor before guiding me to sit beside him. We kissed while he worked his fingers in, he loosened me up until I started to cum. He stood up and started to disrobe I looked at the condoms from the table,

“Maybe we should use protection.” I could see the disappointment.

“Oh ok.” He grabbed one and slid it on.

He kneeled between my legs and pulled himself into me, the slick rubber let him slide in too fast and I screamed out as he split me apart. Aslam wasn’t as gentle opening my up as before, pushing deep into me he fucked faster and faster trying to keep himself hard through the condom. The overwhelming sensation was exquisite but I noticed he wasn’t completely erect as he pounded into me. Winded, he moved on the couch next to my catching his breath. I stared at his semi-hard cock the rubber wasn’t as enjoyable and it detracted from his dark skin. I reached for his cock, “I still have the pill” I thought peeling off the condom.

“You better be more careful this time.” I scolded jokingly while straddling him, my cunt sunk down around his unprotected Muslim cock.

“I shouldn’t have let you cum in me last time.” 

Aslam’s cock quickly hardened as I rode him. I put my feet on either side of him holding the backrest for leverage and impaled herself over and over on his big Muslim cock. My juices streamed from my body soaking his lap,

“Oh fuck, oh fuck that feels so fucking good.” I panted.

I kissed the old Muslim man passionately as I rode him to orgasm, collapsing on top of him. He grabbed my ass tight and bounced me on his cock until I regained my composure and took control again. I held his thick Muslim cock deep inside my married cunt while grinding down against him. I squeezes as I thrust forward then circles my ass backwards. We both knew he couldn’t last much longer, 

“I’m gonna cum” He warned trying to ease my up.

But my little  cunt held firm around his Muslim cock,

“I’m gonna…”

“Shhhh!” I pushed my tongue in his mouth to him to keep him quiet.

Filled with shameful pride my body heaved as I rolled my hips squeezing my cunt as tight as I could around his enormous Muslim cock until I “forced” him to unleash a blast of potent sperm against my grinding cervix. Quickly I started short bounces to lengthen his orgasm, my cunt squeezing down as I rises up milking every last drop of cum out his Muslim cock. Aslam felt a primal fulfilment as his cum filled me it stirred a deep desire within him. The look he was giving me drove me crazy and the image of my swollen belly flashed through my mind again, this time I was less reluctant to entertain the thought. It felt so wrong, but every part of me that was woman told me that I needed his seed. I knew it was just a day or two away from my fertility peak and that my body was soaking up his sperm. I felt totally depraved,

“We shouldn’t have done that.” I gasped rolling off him.

“I tried not to.” He laughed.

Thick white goo oozed from my cunt, I mindlessly dipped my fingers into my opening playing with the sticky mess.

“I’ma come over early tomorrow.” He informed me as he dressed,” You gonna be up?”

I was still in a daze taking a moment to respond,

“I’ll just leave the backdoor unlocked, you can wake me if you need to.”

The old Muslim man laughed and kissed me goodbye. As I laid on the couch my thoughts were focused on the cum seeping out of me or more all the cum that wasn’t, I knew I wanted a baby but with my husband, I couldn’t let it happen again I would have to be stronger I thought as I drifted asleep.

It was barely dawn when I awoke, I didn’t feel quite as sore this time. In my morning clarity I reasoned my situation, the only safe way would be not to see him anymore. My cunt ached at the thought, I had to call my husband. It was early and he was still getting ready, putting my on speaker phone Nikhil patiently waited for me to bring up Aslam while we exchanged pleasantries and I asked about his trip. 

“I was with Aslam again.” I spoke nervously.

“Is everything ok?” He asked worried.

“Well it’s just, he wants me to do things that I should only do for you.”

“Do you want to do them?”

I paused and he knew that I did,

“I don’t know, If I let him I might..”

“I think you do” He cut my off.

I grew silent again.

“If it makes you feel better you have my permission to do whatever YOU want.”

It wasn’t the answer I needed, my brain was hoping he would set restrictions like in the past or something to bolster my will. I felt weak when I thought about the sex we shared and made sure the back door was unlocked before I go into the shower, as I stood under the water I thought about the night before, “I’ll just take that pill” I vowed,” And make him use condoms.”. I put on a short white sundress with wearing nothing underneath. I went to the kitchen to make breakfast while I laid out the pans I heard the side gate open, joy filled my chest as the back door opened,

“Are you hungry?” I continued to get things ready without looking back.

Aslam didn’t answer, he lifted the back of my dress exposing my bare body. I pushed my ass out letting his rough fingers probe me, as I was wet he scooped my up and carried me to the living room. Throwing my on the couch he pulled down his shorts and forced. I gasped at the sight of his big Muslim cock pushing deep into my unprotected cunt remembering my vow to make him use a condom while I thrusts my hips up to meet his. There was something more deliberate about the way he fucked me, when I looked up our eyes locked he was giving me that same primal look he gave me the other night. The intense emotional tension between us fueled our passionate rhythm,

“You shouldn’t cum in me.” I groaned but neither slowed their momentum.

“I shouldn’t? Or I can’t” He asked.

I couldn’t bring herself to deny him outright,

“What if I get pregnant?” I whimpered.

Aslam’s pace picked up and my eyes widened.

“Tell me to stop and I will. Oh, tell me, to stop.” Aslam kept fucking her.

Logic was failing me, the words stuck in my throat. My hormones took control tightening my cunt I triggered his release. A long guttural moan escaped me as his thick Muslim cock blasted my insides with sticky cum. When he withdrew I covered my cunt to prevent too much from escaping,

“I got go, should I come back for dinner?

Still in a sexual daze I replied,

“Yes, please.” Not even turning to look at him.

I heard the door shut and the gate open. My legs were trembling and my heart was a flutter, I stared down at his cum as it flowed from my body. I knew I wanted this but was still afraid to commit. I stared into the bathroom mirror it wasn’t the first time I imagined what I might look like pregnant but it was the first time I thought it was a real possibility. I took a long hard look at the morning after pills and told herself “this is going to happen” before flushing them down the toilet. 

That night when Aslam came for dinner the mood was different than that morning, he was talkative and kind as usual. After our meal we talked in the living room but as things got more intimate I lead him to my bedroom. 

“I want you to have me in my bed.” I told him.

There wasn’t much foreplay, we both got completely nude then I lied in the center spreading my legs to receive my Muslim lover. Aslam crawled on top of me, he rubbed the tip of his cock in my wetness before penetrating me. My cunt was still slick with cum, letting him slid in with ease. For what seemed like hours I remained pinned beneath my 47 year old Muslim neighbor as we made wild and passionate love. My glassy blue eyes stared up at Aslam as I begged him,

“Cum for me, cum inside me.”

Aslam plunged deep grinding his hips into her,

“Tell me why you want it.” he teased, sliding out and plunging back in.

He continued with deep long thrusts. My whole body started to tingle, with my blue eyes locked with his I confessed,

“I want you to get me pregnant.” 

Saying the words aloud made them truer than ever before, my body relaxed in full surrender eager to accept his seed. I grabbed his hips keeping him deep inside her

“Cum for me.” I repeated.

The old Muslim cock pumped another thick load into my needy cunt,

“Yes, cum in me, cum in me, cum in me.” I moaned.

My wanton cunt collected the Muslim man’s sperm while my orgasmic contractions pulled it deeper inside. My mind now obsessing over the thought of my belly swelling with his child, my body to absorb his seed. We fell asleep together but when I woke the only trace of him was leaking from my cunt. I didn’t hear from him until lunchtime, he came in through the back carried me to my marital bed and fucked my relentlessly leaving my gasping and my cunt dripping with cum and again after dinner he was more rough.

Wednesday I waited for him in nothing but high heels, I sat him on the couch and licked and sucked all over his cock for almost an hour before he forced me to the floor fucking me from behind while I begged to be impregnated. 

Thursday was the peak of my fertility cycle. I attacked Aslam as soon as I saw him dragging him to my room. I tore away our clothes and fell on the bed pulling him down on the on top of me.

“Fuck me.” I whined guiding his cock to my cunt.

Aslam kissed me pushing his tongue in my mouth, my energy slowed to a more passionate pace as I kissed him back. As my body calmed the old man slowly entered me, I moaned into his mouth as my trembling folds swallowed the entirety of his fat Muslim cock. Aslam gently churned into my little cunt edging his orgasm carefully to build up a massive load. My sensitive body felt his sweat dripping down on my pale skin, I could feel every crease and vein of his massive cock as I tightened around it. I couldn’t stand it any longer,

“Cum, cum for me Aslam” I moaned.

Aslam pulled towards climax, I could tell by his breathing he wouldn’t hold back this time. My cervix widened in anticipation as his thick Muslim cock erupted into my depths, already saturated with days of his cum it let his virile sperm flood straight into my womb. Warm tranquility overcame me as the old Muslim man’s sperm claimed my egg.

On Friday morning I felt aglow I ran my hand over my stomach and knew he had succeeded but to be sure I reached over stroking his cock until we were both awake, I rode him to completion. I had him again later that day. By Sunday I had let Aslam cum inside my twelve times and I was sure I was already carrying his baby. I made my husband take a cab home from the airport, when he arrived I was naked on all fours atop the coffee table while Aslam pounded me from behind. Nikhil quietly closed the door and approached me, as he unbuttoned his pants,

“He’s not done using me.” I apologized grasping his cock, “I warned you this would happen.”

“It looks like you were a good girl and did as I asked.”

I enjoyed actually being able to suck his cock, Aslam’s was too big for my mouth.

“I was but you might not like it.” I looked in his eyes as I returned to sucking.
I squeezed my cunt letting Aslam know I was ready, the old Muslim man pushed deep inside me releasing his cum in my already fertilized cunt. I moaned around my husband’s cock, when Aslam had finished with my I laid on my back showing Nikhil the cum streaming from my battered cunt, he quickly jumped between my legs sliding into my sloppy loose hole

“I think I’m pregnant” I chirped.

Nikhil couldn’t contain himself and added his cum in futility. After a week I confirmed my pregnancy, as my belly swelled with his Muslim child Aslam continued to cum inside my daily including the morning I gave birth, it only took two months after that before Aslam got me pregnant again.    

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