Vandana ki palang tod chudayi

I’m Sarfaraz Khan, a 23 year male from a south Indian city back with a fresh new story. Rather calling a story I’ll call it a true incident that happened back when I was in the first year of college.

About me, I’m an amateur professional writer from a South Indian city. All names in this story are true as well as the story. Those who haven’t read my previous stories kindly read them. I’m telling you before only it’s going to be a lengthy one but with every detail as it happened.

So it was college time. A new beginning, a completely different environment from the restricted school life of a ‘kid’. Girlfriends, class bunks, movies. This is what a new teenager in the first step of his adolescence thinks when he enters college. This is sometimes true sometimes not.

But this story came as a surprise to me. I never expected to fuck a girl in the first year though I had deep desires to do so. I had started masturbating already and the new possibilities porn provided had my hormones raging. Although I was able to control myself, especially at my strict home.

So the heroine of my story and also my heroine was a girl named Vandana (true name) a just 19 years turned beauty. The first day I saw her, she looked like a spring flower in the midst of all the girls. Though there were 6-7 hot girls in the class my heart would beat more whenever I saw Vandana.

At that time I found in her everything a teenager loves. Her smile, her soft-spoken tone, her cuteness, her hair whenever it came in front of her eyes and much more. I too wasn’t less attractive but kept a distance from girls. I mean not like the ‘chipku’ boys who become like females continuously being with them.

So almost 5-6 guys started flirting with Vandana right from the first day and definitely making me jealous. I think she noticed in my eyes. But she would always have the ‘special’ place for me. I was losing hope on her as there were richer and good looking guys always surrounding her. Anyway, luck had other plans.

I was quite good at studies (plus point). In the first year of college, nobody really studies as everyone was busy in just extra-academic activities. So barely a month left for exam everyone panicked. Added to the fact that it was rumored that it would be the toughest paper. I was relatively confident of cracking that.

So it happened that once while studying in the library Vandana came up to me. She wanted me to teach her and prevent her from failing. She was afraid that she hadn’t studied anything. I was happy to oblige. So began our story. I was waiting each day for her to come to study.

Her simple gestures, smiles, etc would increase my heartbeat. Slowly we began sharing everything personal. I came to know she’s from a quite well off family but very strict. So finally the exam went by and surprisingly we both passed but many of our classmates failed. She was more thankful to me from that day.

We got more close. Our closeness was the topic of discussion in our class. As you know people always talk with jealousy especially when you have taken the cutest girl. I was feeling sort of proud. So finally I proposed her to be my girlfriend at the beginning of the year and she agreed happily.

It was definitely a secret between ourselves as our families are very strict. Now our chats turned more romantic and WhatsApp was a new thing then. So we used to text day and night even in classes. Our different religious backgrounds never ever came in between us.

So finally the day of the first kiss came. It was in a park we had visited many times before. But that day both of us were horny, the raging teenage hormones you know. It was about 4 months left for our exams, the biggest exams in your life. She came up to me one day and said these words. I still remember.

“Sarfaraz, I know you love me more than anything and I too do that. But we have to be mature now. I know this will never happen between our families. They’ll never ever agree with this, thanks to our social barriers. Even if we run and get married its nothing but a bitter life.”

I was shocked for a minute. I was not ready to give up. Though I tried to convince her in any way I knew she was right. With tears, I thanked her for all that she gave. She was heartbroken for seeing me.

After about a week I got a call from her asking to meet at a hotel for dinner. I initially denied but she insisted. There while talking I was visibly upset and she gave another shock. She wanted to lose my virginity to me as a gift.

I was shell shocked, “Vandana, how can you think I’m after lust. Never. Don’t think I am only dying for sex. I loved you and always will.”

She told, “Sarfaraz I know. I know all this. You don’t need to explain. I’m saying this only after thinking about it over many days. See I know I’ll be married off to someone from my parents. I just want my virginity to be broken by the person who I’ll always cherish. So that I can never forget you.”

I was emotional. I agreed. So we booked the room in that same hotel. She was looking angelic in her Orange noodle suit and jeans shorts. I was looking at her when she held my face for a kiss. Her lips tasted like fresh fruit. I wanted to feast on them all day.

I was now sucking her lower lip holding her cute little face. She had closed her eyes in anticipation. I now laid the angel on the soft white bed. She signaled that she is ready. I resumed my kissing and now started playing with my tongue playing with hers. It was sweet, nectar-like.

We both started undressing now. She was looking like a perfectly ripe mango. Her boobs were snow white with pink pebble-like nipples. I bit and played them to heart’s content. She now removed her lower and panty. My goodness, her shaved white fresh pussy was looking like a wonder to me.

I started parting her delicate petals and planted a kiss there. She slithered like a snake wanting more. I now worked well with her pussy making circles around and finally entering her forbidden walls with my warm tongue. Gosh, it was so amazing. I could feel her hymen deep inside.

Soon she wasn’t able to control her orgasm and came in my mouth. Her cum tasted salty but was nectar for me. I licked clean every drop. She made an ‘O’ with her lips every time I planted a kiss on her g spot. She now took my circumcised 8 inches between her lips.

I enjoyed her inexperienced yet tremendous blowjob. It was a cute scene looking her giving a bj with innocent looks. We were ready now. She nodded that now its time. I promised her I’ll be as gentle as possible. I parted her legs and came between.

After rubbing up and down on her slit for a while started entering. About a quarter went in easily but now her hymen was an obstacle. I locked her mouth with mine sealing her mouth and pushed with all my strength. I felt her hymen stretch like a balloon with my cock. She started feeling the pains now.

She started biting my lips I signaled her to be patient. She was hugging me tight in fear. A few teardrops rolled down her pink cheeks. But she was strong and eager. And finally, I was able to violate her hymen. She was a woman now. It bled but very little.

I made her relax a while her pussy gets accommodated with my length and width. After that, I started moving in and out giving very gentle but deep strokes in her tight pussy. I can’t describe the pleasure my cock was deriving inside her moist soft pussy. She relaxed now. Her tears dried up.

I cleaned up the mess and again positioned myself to enter her. This time it was a little easy. She enjoyed too as my thrusts landed deep inside her not-now-virgin cunt. Her pussy walls were groping my cock like a mouth giving an awesome blowjob.

I couldn’t last more I pulled out and splashed my seed on her belly and a little on her boobs too. It was an awesome scene seeing her drenched in cum yet looking so cute. I was sad that I won’t be able to do that after marriage. But also happy that I was able to open her account.

We kissed passionately before having another session before we wrapped up for the day. She recently got married and says she knew this destiny and her husband wasn’t up to her expectations. But again family matters. She says she still loves me. We are not in contact in real but we still call up in a while

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