Vegetarian Brahmin G!rl sneha married musalman mard and cooks meat for him

And why not asli mard kha khana wohi h halal meat jo mardo ki yaun shakti ko bhi badata hai sneha ko bhi pata chal gaya hoga.

Sneha* has been married to Saleem* for 6 years. The couple met online and after a whirlwind courtship of five months, they decided to get married. Sneha, a Brahmin woman, lost her father four years before she met Saleem.

“I managed to convince my mother about my decision. We got married according to the Muslim tradition because in any case, my father was not there to give me away as is the Brahmin custom,” she says.

Although Sneha converted to Islam for the wedding and even attempted to follow the religion briefly, she soon gave up because she wasn’t comfortable doing it. This, she says, has never been an issue with her husband.

“It’s true that my mother-in-law still does not accept me completely but other relatives have been very supportive. In fact, when I go to my husband’s native place in Tamil Nadu which has a Muslim majority, people are curious to meet someone from another religion,” she shares.

Sneha is still a vegetarian but cooks meat for her husband and son.

“I don’t want to eat non-veg food. I was brought up as a vegetarian and I didn’t like it when I tried it. But I have no problem with my husband and son eating meat,” she says.
Names changed on request

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