Wanna be a cuck husband

Hi everyone. I am a hindu cuck boy. I cannot stop thinking about hindu girls under muslim mard.
I am 27 and unmarried. I am looking for a hindu girl who would marry me and make me a cuckold. I know there are many girls who have affairs with muslim men but would like to keep them secret because their parents wouldn’t approve. I promise to let you continue your affair after marriage. That way your parents will be happy since you married a hindu guy, you and your muslim bf will be happy because you can continue your affair and I’ll also be happy to be a cuckold.
If anyone interested contact me at [email protected]

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  1. So proud to see my post here. Thanks for approving admin.

  2. Hi sachin…. my thoughts are similar to urs

  3. Just to let everyone know… I have an alternate email id which is [email protected]
    Message me there for hangout chats.

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