Want public opinion

Hello readers.
I am a Hindu girl Brahmin by caste. I am 23 yrs old and work in a small software development company whose owner is a Muslim.

We are in an affair since last two years and we have had sex lot of times.

He is married and has kids too but wants to take me as his second wife. It will be very difficult to persuade my parents to let me marry him but how can I?
If it fails then what?

Need your suggestions. Help me

5 thoughts on “Want public opinion

  1. Fuck urself from another man then tell him to marry u, if he agrees then go ahead..marry him.
    If he can have 2 wives y don’t u have 2 mens..

  2. I do not suggest you to marry that man, you can enjoy with him as much as u like, there would be complications in your life in future. So just fuck and forget.

    The best suggestion would be that you marry some decent Hindu guy, there are many Hindu cuckold guys these days. This way you would be able to enjoy your whole life with man of your choice and safety from husband.

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