What is Mushroom And Why Hindu Girls Love It

Mushroom is the first thing a hindu girl experiences when she spreads her legs for her musalman boyfriend, lover, husband or friends with benefits. That first contact is something which she never forgets. The penile glans of the musalman katbullahs are fully exposed due to circumcision.

While among Hindu boys the head is covered with skin and soft tissue on top of that large amount of h boys have a condition called phimosis / paraphimosis where they cant fully retract the skin.

For the musalman on the other hand they say Topa He Kafi hai

The musalmans make full use of the Mushroom. The musalman doesn’t rush to push his penis inside Hindu girl’s vagina, instead he first gives her the full taste of his exposed Mushroom especially when the hindu girl is new to Muslim cock. Initially he would fondle her pussy lips which his mushroom, rub his Mushroom over her clit and inside her pussy. Only after she is completely blown away the musalman would then push the entire thing but not before he is done playing with her pussy with every inch of his Mushroom.

Below is the depiction of how the musalman gives full anand to hindu aunty Sonam which his khatna ho rakha Mushroom.
Clearly Sonam is no alien to dicks, she is mature enough but reacts as sensitive as a newbie as the musalman’s mushroom was something she had never tasted. When she did she was completely blown away.

It is historical, Akbar did it to Jodha, Sultan Mahmud III did it to Kankavati Bai, Khizr Khan did it to Dewal Devi, Firuz Shah of Bahmani Sultanate did it to daughter of Devaraya I of Vijayanagar, I could go on its an endless list.

Every hindu girl who has experience with musalman guys knows what is Mushroom. In fact if you mention the word mushroom, its the first thing which will come into her mind and why not.

Oh those vulgar words were making me moist more than ever. And i took his cock out. It didnt had any foreskin on top and It looked angry and was rock hard. And i smiled to myself and i saw his head and thought that This is it. This is what Ketika called as Mushroom.

Not only hindu girls bedroom but the power of Musalmans Mushroom has also made into the discussions of Hindu boys.

Giriraj Kishore who is a padma award winner many years ago said that “There is a physical reason Muslim men can seduce Hindu girls. They give them more sharirik anand (physical pleasure) because they have a surgery, Hindus don’t.”

Hindu Activist at Nagur office (personal interview 2006) Muslim men are too sexy because they have hard forehead due to circumcision and this is preferred by (Hindu) girls” and this is why we need cultured hindu girls who think about family and not sex.

Birju: Look at that idiot hindu girl wearing hijab to please the musalmans.
Satish: Yea she must have got the mushroom.

The mushroom makes hindu girls eat their own lips. One Hindu girl mentioned getting even more anand when the Musalman withdraws his mushroom. May be because of the sharp edge on the musalmans’s supada which erodes her vaginal walls when he pulls it back, may be she has a taste for abrasion.

9 thoughts on “What is Mushroom And Why Hindu Girls Love It

  1. It is historical, Akbar did it to Jodha, Sultan Mahmud III did it to Kankavati Bai, Khizr Khan did it to Dewal Devi, Firuz Shah of Bahmani Sultanate did it to daughter of Devaraya I of Vijayanagar, I could go on its an endless list.

    Please tell me more about these stories,,, i need to know

    1. Bhai ye to famous waale h par muslim mardo ne pane tagde lambr mote lode se hajaro seeta geeta randha parvati kamala vimla ki jawaani ka maja liya h.. jab akabar jodha ka ghagra utha ke chod rha hota tha to uske sanik hindu ke ghato mein ghus ke unki maa bahen biwi beti chod rhe hote the.. har hindu raja ki haar ka matlab tha hazaro hindu chut ka mull3 ke lode se milan @garamsofty

  2. Actually, it’s when the mushroom head hits the cervix and gives wonderful feeling. And If he grinds his mushroom against her cervix…. uffff….

  3. Mr. Lordkhan, the way you write these articles, you have the potential to convert anybody into a cuck. Its your website actually which is spreading interfaith more and more now.

  4. Pyar se is mashroom ko supada ya toppa bhi kahte hain.. mujhe desi boli zyada pasand hai.. ye mashroom wagaira pasand nahi.. jab boss bolta hai le chus mera toppa haramzadi kutiya to ummmm bada maza ata hai..
    hangout: [email protected]

  5. hamm yaaaaa sahi hai… i am bramhin and love to spread the legs for this musalmani lund having big mashroom head.. in fact it gives lot of pleasure..ahhhhh.. aur ye kafi saalon se chale aa raha hai.. har hindu ladki is ka khawab dekhti hai

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