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What should I do ?

Hello, I am Sunita 36 years old married woman. My husband is working as car driver to Mr. Usmain Shaikh 50 yrs old rich man. His wife is Farida Shaikh who is very friendly with me. My husband was a drunker and gambler. Only because of Mr. Shaikh he is doing job and improved himself. I always use to go shopping with Farida and she use to take gifts for me and my son. Mr Shaikh has one daughter and one son both are going school and daughter is appearing for 10th std exam.

The story took turn two month before when Farida met with an accident and she used to stay on bed due to injury. Doctor told she may be alright or may not be. It was shock for all of us. Mr. Shaikh was worried as his daughter was in 10th std. I took responsibility and started taking care of Shaikh family and Farida. One day Farida called me and said she wanted permanent lady in house who could take care of her family. I asked do u knw such female. She pointed me.

I got shocked when she justified I should marry mr. Shaikh and take responsibility of her family. It was shocking proposal for me. I left her house. When Mr. Shaikh came to know this he came to my house to say sorry about Farida proposal. Let me explain my house it is 10 x 10 room and bathroom kitchen is attached in it.

I was in chudidar. My figure is 36 30 38. I thought it will be my husband so I was without dupatta and suddenly Shaikh came. I was embarrassed. Shaikh says sorry and asked me to come with him to his house. As Shaikh sir has done everything I decided to go and forget everything. Shaikh asked toilet and I showed him. Meanwhile I was in the kitchen. And our bathroom is not fully covered so anybody can peep in bathroom from kitchen. I heard voice of grunting. I just peep in bathroom it was shock Mr. Shaikh was stroking his dick and to my surprise it was around 8 inch and I saw thick cum coming from his penis and he came out. I told him I will come in the evening. Listening this he left. Once he left I went in bathroom and saw still there was his thick cum. I put my finger on it and it seemed sticky. My pussy was getting wet. I put his cum on my finger and put it in my pussy and suddenly I felt guilty. What I was doing? Taking strangers cum and putting on my pussy.

After 1 hr Shaikh called me said Farida refused to take medicine.I was immediately went to her house again she started forcing proposal. She has not taken medicine for 7 days and we had to hospitalize her. Finally because of her I had to accept her proposal. And I married to Shaikh and adopted name Salma.
First night I thought Shaikh will do sex with me. But he was so calm and never tried to touch me. But he says thank you. I can’t understand person who was masturbated on me now I am with him as his wife still he didn’t made any move. Whole night I was thinking his cock.

Next day Farida asked me about my night. She was expecting we had sex. Both of us pretended we had sex. But it was nothing like that. Farida started to improved.
Now scene comes Farida want to celebrate Shaikh birthday and she asked me to celebrate within three people. Me Shaikh and Farida. And what she has demanded she wanted to see us love making. She wanted me to suck his cock before her and she wanted him to put his dick. I told her m feeling shy but she replied we both have seen nude to each other
What should i do?
Should I accept her wish and have sex with Shaikh. Now I am his wife so nothing illegal. But I am afraid.
Or should I tell we have not touched each other and we don’t want to have sex.

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  1. u shud definitely do this. He is ur husband now. if he would have wanted..he would’ve fucked u brutally..nd made u slave. he wants u to beg his cock. hindus are supposed to beg for muslim cock.

  2. Sunitajee just go and have fun. get pregnant

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