When an indian hindu woman became a traitor because of a pakistani man

You wont see this often, but its a true story which speaks volumes.

madhuri gupta hindu women

Madhuri Gupta, 53, an Indian diplomat who worked as second secretary in the Indian high commission in Islamabad (Pakistan).

She fell for a Pakistani musalman named Jamshed, who was an ISI operative.
What can I say, its the power of paki Musalman personality and the hard lund she fell for it.

She risked everything for  Jamshed, an ISI operative she wanted to marry and to whom she passed on classified sensitive information, besides ISI is regarded as the worlds number 1 intelligence agency in the world according to various sources.

“At 53, she was bored, alone and attractive. Single, but definitely one step ahead to mingle. An Indian diplomat to be found spying for Pakistan.

Sex, spies and secrets: How officials fall into honey traps The case of Madhuri Gupta, an Indian diplomat in Islamabad, is unique in the sense that usually women play the bait to trap male officers. But here a hindu woman diplomat fell for pakistani musalman male and ready to do anything for him.

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