When Bilal seduced Radhika

When Bilal seduced Radhika
Hi readers we are an interfaith couple. I am a Hindu brahmin, Bilal is a sunni muslim. Bilal feels we should share the story, to inspire other interfaith couples like us. We  both will be sharing our side of the story. I will be sharing in English and Bilal in Hindu / Urdu.
 I am 21 years old, 5 ft 5, fair and my measurements are 34-25-34, I am doing my from a prestigious college in Delhi.I come from a upper middle class conservative family, since childhood my parents put a lot of emphases of studies, I had been a good student right from prep school. My schooling was from an all girls school and I never had boyfriend in life. Lots of boys were interested in me but I was too shy and for some reason uninterested to reciprocate. A close friend Sakshi, would always tease me saying if I made a muslim boy friend, he will take out my shyness. I didn’t know what on earth was she talking about. She said they are different I’ll know how when I meet one. 

Mera naam Bilal Qureshi hai mai asal mai UP ka rehene wala hun, par kuch saal se mai. Meri height 6.3 hai aur weight 92 kgs aur rang sawla hai. Mai aksar apney gaon mai kushti ke muqabulo mai participate karta hoon. Aur mera lund 9.5 inch ka hai.  Mai eek kattar muslim family se hoon. Maine sirf aatvi tak padha tha aur gaon mai mera rozgar itna nahi tha, mera dost Khallid ne kaha ki mobile ka kam seekh kaar dukaan dal de Delhi mein. Khallid ka tyre ka kaam tha, aur uski dukaan ke pass hi maine apni mobile ki dukhan kholi. Yahan muhalle kuch hindu shadi shuda aurate bhi thi, jo bahot asani se set ho jati thi. Khallid aur mai bahot maza lete the. Mera size dekh kar Hindu larke darr kar chup hi rahete the.

Coming back to the story, this happened a few months ago. I was in  college, my i phone fell out of my hand and stopped working completely. My father had got this from Singapore, so I won’t have been able to get it repaired in an Apple service center. It was an expensive phone, I didn’t know what to do and I was really very upset. A friend told me not to worry, and told me about this market were such phones can be repaired.
After college I went to this market. This was not the part of the city I had gone before, this was an unauthorized colony dominated by Muslims. I had never been to a place like this  before. When I reached the market, there was a slight drizzle and a few Muslim men where coming out of the masjid. Most of them were in a traditional Muslim attire with big beards. And needless to say there were a lot of stares in my direction. I had never had such an experience before.
 I showed my phone to a couple of guys, they both said, “yeh toh Bilal bhai hi kar pae  ga.” I asked where can I find him, they told me to go inside the gali. I took a right and came into a narrow gali, which was almost deserted. I saw a board which read, ” Bilal Qureshi mobile repair.” 786 was written towards the top of the board, and something in urdu underneath.
When I entered the shop I saw one huge Muslim hunk with a mobile in his hand and 2 guys around him, looking at something and laughing. They hadn’t noticed me. I waited for a moment or two in silence, I was so imitated by the entire experience, words just couldn’t come out of my mouth. I finally said,”excuse me Bilal bhai kaun hai.” Finally they did take  a notice of my presence, and gave me a lewd stare, the huge guy in the middle said,”ji main Bilal huan, bolo kya kaam hai.”
(our conversation)
Me: Mera mobile gir kar bandh ho gaya haiHe took the phone from my hand.
bilal: eek hafta lagega
Me: eek hafta?!!
Bilal: issme eek hafta toh lagega (in a rude tone)
Me: par….?
Bilal: kahi aur se kara lo
Me: nahi its ok
Bilal: yeh sim lo, aur apna number dedo
I gave him my number and came out. I must confess Bilal did sweep me off my feet. He was one of the biggest and strongest men I had met in real life, and his Muslim beard gave him added personality. He clearly looked like one of those Muslim guys whom Hindu boys want to avoid at all costs. But more than that, he was different from any other guy I had met he didn’t show any interest in me. He didn’t change his arrogant manner for me, all boys always tried to be nice in-front of me. May be Sakshi was right, Muslim boys are different.
(Bilal): Radhika, shop se nakli toh Ali ne kaha, “Bilal bhai kya Hindu maal hai yaar. Sali yeh toh video wali se bhi acchi hai. tum ne toh itna rude behave kya ye toh pyar wala maal tha.”

Khallid: yaar bahot mast cheez hai, kash aisi koi Hindu maal set hojaye. Sali toh jeans aur kurti mai hi qayamat lag rahi hai, mini skirt mai kya lagti?
Ali: yeh larki shareef lagtii.

Khalid: aisi hindu larki eek baar agar set ho jati hai, toh bistar mai eek musalman mard ke liye sab kuch karegi.  Ali: pehely sali bistar mai aani chahiye. Yeh tum dono mai se toh kisi se bhi set nahi hogi.
Me: isse mai set karunga. 

Ali: tum dono khwab dekhna chhod do, sirf Poonam bhabi ki lo, tumko yeh bhi nahi pata iska ghar kahan hai, kaunse college and pardti hai….. humko mallom hai janat ki hakikat, dil ko behelane ke liye Galib khayal accha hai….. (yeh bol kar zor se hasne laga)

Phir woh dono chale gaye.
Ali ki baat sun kar muhje gussa aya, maine soch liya, “agle jumme se phele yeh hindu maal mere bistar par hogi, nangi.” Par eek baat toh Ali ne theek boli thi, Radhika ke bare mai muhje kuch nahi pata tha. Phir khayal aaya, uske mobile mai sari info hogi. Maine mobile kuch hi time ma repair kar liya mobile ab on hone ke kabil tha. 

Mobile theek hote hi mai unki gallery mai gaya. Eek pic mai backless saree thi, aur eek pic mai geela badan, eek mai mini skirt… Ufff kya jism hai, lund dekhte hi khada hogaya tha. Iss Hindu maal ko apni rekhel bankar rahunga. 

Us ke baad mai uski browse history check karne laga, wahan eek chat room mai woh do baar gayi thi. Aur uss site par Hindu larkiya aati thi, Muslim mardo se chat karne. 

The entire day I kept on thinking about Bilal. Before sleeping I went to the bathroom put on some moisturizer as is my daily routine. I looked at my reflection in the mirror, and smiled thinking about him. I shook my hair and tried a couple of hair dos to see, what would make me look sexiest. I came out of the bathroom, shut my bedroom door from inside and switched on my laptop. And went to the site Sakshi had told me, where I could chat with Muslim boys. I had secretly been to  that site before, but never chatted with any of the Muslim boys on the site, I would always get cold feet and logout the moment some boy would ping me. As my family is orthodox  Brahman, and I was told never to interact with Muslim boys.
  This  time I was determined to chat with a Muslim. I logged in as “Hot Angel.” As I entered the chat room, not many users were there. Though I knew this is only a random chat room where there is only text chatting, I was still very nervous. I got a ping by with the screen name  of “Fauladi Musalman.”
Do ghante intezar ke baad uski id dekhi, aab jake moaka mila. Mujhe pura yakeen tha ki aaj woh zaroor site par aayegi. Maine usko ping kiya. Conversation kuch iss tarah hoyi.
Fauladi Musalman: Hi, Kaisi ho janeman
Hot Angel: Hi, good (I could barely type, my hands were shivering. This was uncharted waters for me. Chatting with a Muslim man.)
Fauladi Musalman: Hindu hai na? Mujhe Hindu larkiya bohot pasand hain?
Hot Angel: Aapko kaise pata? Are u a Muslim?
Fauladi Musalman: Naam nahi pada mera? Tujhe bhi toh Musalman hi chahiye na? ASL bata? Millegi bol?
I got really scared, what if he finds out about me or what if somebody else finds out. I quickly logged out. But throughout the night I kept on thinking about this incident and about Bilal. These were new thoughts, not in sync with my orthodox Hindu upbringing. Next day I went to college and tried not to think about it much. Just before going to bed a sudden urge came over me. I logged in again to see what happens next.
Uss raat ko maine Radhika ka kafi intezar kiya, maine soch raha tha ki zada jaldi kardi woh darr gayi aur ab abhi nahi aayegi. Phir yeh bhi soch raha tha ki yeh Radhika hi hai ya koi aur larki toh nahi. ‘Hot Angel’ toh kisi ka bhi naam ho sakta hai. Aur mai logout karne hi wala tha.
Fauladi Musalman: Kya huwa janeman, kal kahan chaligayi thi?

Hot Angel: I had to sleep. (I waited for a while thinking whether or not should I respond).
Fauladi Musalman: Accha asl
Hot Angel: Y should i tell u?
Fauladi Musalman: Bohot darrti ho, chalo mai apna batata hun. Khalid 28 from Mumbai. Net par itna kyun darr ti ho? (socha galat information deta hoon, taki thora relax ho jaegi)
Hot Angel: Radhika Sharma, 21, Delhi. (since this was a random guy from a different city I gave him my real info)
Mera plan kaamiyab oh gaya tha, bas yehi sun kar mera musalmani lund hard ho gaya. Par isske saath mai jiada jaldi nahi kar sakta tha, warna darr jati.
For some time we had a normal chat. He asked me about me hobbies, likes causal stuff. And then he asked me:
Fauladi Musalman: Muslim mard pasand hain ki nahi? Koi muslim bf nahi hai kya tera?
Hot Angel: (This came just when was feeling a little relaxed on the site). Nahi mera koi bf nahi hai. Aur raat bohot ho gayi hai, kal college bhi jana hai. Good night.
Fauladi Musalman: Yaar, tu phir bhag rahi hai. Theek hai kal aayegi na.
Hot Angel: Pata nahi, I also have studies to do.
  Fauladi Musalman: Jada nakhre mat dikha, mai janta hoon tujhe yahan maza ata hai?
Hot Angel: I’ll try, good night (I Logged out)

I kept on thinking how dominating these Muslims men are. Even in chat it was he who had taken control of me. The next night I logged in as soon as I got a chance after dinner. And as expected as soon as I logged in I got a message from him.
Fauladi Musalman: Aageyi meri Hindu maal?
Hot Angel: haan, how did you know i’ll come?

Fauladi Musalman: haha, mai bohot Hindu larkio ki le chuka hun. Saab janta hun.

Hot Angel: Please don’t talk non-sense.
Fauladi Musalman: Jada english mat dikha. Thujhe bhi pata hai musalman mard kaise hote hain, phir bhi yahan aati hai. 

Hot Angel: Mujhe kuch nahi pata. Mera koi muslim bf nahi hai.
Fauladi Musalman: Teri dosto ka to hoga? Unhone kuch toh bataya hoga, sach sach bolna.

Hot Angel: ( i thought, what difference would it make. As it is he would never come to know who I am. And he is far away in Mumbai). haan bataya hai. I wanted to know if these things are true for myself.
Fauladi Musalman: Kya bola hai, muslim larko mai strength  aur stamina jada hota hai. Aur muslim lund bhi bade hote hain?

Hot Angel: Aapko kaise pata chala? Mai nahi manti?
Fauladi Musalman: Eek second ruk.

Then he sent me a pic of his huge circumcised penis. It was alongside a 1/2 liter plastic bottle. And his penis was much bigger than the bottle. I was stunned.
Fauladi Musalman: (Muhje samaj aagaya tha, aab yeh larki set hone lagi.) Kyun accha laga na dekh kar. 

Hot Angel: (i didn’t know how to answer) yeh photoshop par bhi ho sakta hai.
Fauladi Musalman: soch agar tere samne sach mai hota abhi toh kya tu  mera musalmani lund apne muh mai leti?
Hot Angel: haan agar sach mai itna bada hota toh zaroor leti. Paar yeh toh photoshop kiya howa hai.
Fauladi Musalman: haha. Tujhe lagta hai mere jaisa photoshop use karta hoon? chal koi baat nahi. sach bata na, tujhe koi to musalman mard pasand aaya hoga.

I told him about my meeting with Bilal, and Bilal is the reason I wanted to chat with Muslim men in the first place. I don’t know why did I give him all the vivid details. It could be because I had to tell this to somebody. I felt guilty having these thoughts, I couldn’t even tell this to my best friend. He was just a random Muslim guy on the net, he doesn’t know me personally to judge me.
Bas issi baat ka intazar tha, ab ye hindu maal phas geyi thi…..
Next day Bilal called and said I should take the mobile on Wednesday morning. The market would be closed, but his shop would remain open and if i don’t pick up the phone by Monday first half, I’ll have to wait of two months as he is going back to his village.
I thought I’ll ask by Muslim internet friend. He said, on hearing the news:
Fauladi Musalman: Kya baat hai meri jaan, mukha accha hai. Bahot maza aayega, kuch hot pehen kar jana…. haha

Hot Angel: aapko kya hai, aap se thodina milna hai.
Fauladi Musalman: toh kya howa. wo bhi Musalman hi toh hai na. Mujhe toh aacha lagta hai jab bare ghar ki Hindu larkiya musalman larko se chudti hain. yeh mauka haat se jane nahi dena. Bye janeman kal raat ko batana kya howa. (aur uske baad maine logout kardiya)

This was the first time he had logged out before me. He had given me plenty of food for thought. But this was absurd, I’ll not do anything. I’ll just take the phone and comeback.
While getting ready the next morning I got a kinky thought, let me wear something hot and just see Bilal’s reaction. I wore a black and white summer dress, I knew my mom would ask me about the dress so before she could say anything, I told her I would be going a friends birthday party after college and would get a little late. She didn’t ask me much.
Well, now the things were in motion, I had to go to Bilal’s shop before my first class started. I had an impatient journey with my heart pounding hard all the time. Finally, I reached the market, since the shops were closed, it looked deserted. I entered Bilal’s shop, he was standing alone, wearing a big grey kurta, skull cap, I noticed for the first time he had thick eyebrows which went along with his thick beard. He didn’t see me at first, he was busy repairing a mobile. For some reason my heart started pounding even faster.
I said: mera mobile.
Bilal: (looked up, he looked me from top to bottom and smiled) oh… aap. haan ho gaya. 500 dedo.
I gave him the money, took my mobile and turned back towards the door. Just when I was about to take my first step he said: Kaisa laga?
Me: (i turned back) Kya?
Bilal: Fauladi Musalman ka lund?
I froze there, it  was as if my heart had skipped a beat. It was so unexpected. He came closer, took the phone from my hand and showed me the pic of his big circumcised penis. I don’t think I had a bigger shock in my life. THIS PICTURE TAKEN FROM MY OWN MOBILE!!!
Aaj woh din aagaya tha, Radhika ke mast Hindu jism mai mera musalmani lund. Maine bahar ka darwaja band kar diya, aur Radhika ke kamar par haath rakha aur usko saath wale room mai legaya. Wahan maine raat ho eek bed rakha tha. Radhika sehami huyi thi. Mai bed par baith gaya aur bola: “Apne iss haseen hindu jism ko inn kapro se azad karde.” Paheley usne apni dress dhire se utari, kya lutf aaraha tha, Rahdika ka gora Hindu jism sirf black bra aur panty mai. Phir maine uski haseen peeth par chumna shuru kiya. Woh samaj chuki thi ki uski jawan Hindu jism par aaj mera hakoob hai.
I could feel his rough Muslim hands were on my hips, slowly he started caressing my back and thighs. He then asked me to take off my bra and panty. I was half excited and half nervous, I couldn’t even unhook my bra. Bilal then unhooked it for me, then I took off my remaining piece of  garment. I stood stark naked in-front of Bilal.
Bilal: Dekha musalman ka kamaal, char din pheheley tu muhje janti bhi nahi thi aur aaj mere samney nangi khari hai. Chal bistar par leth ja.
His demeanor was humiliating but I knew there is no point in resisting now, I have come too far to turn back now. He already knew about my desires. I just followed his orders. I have to admit, this bed was too hard for me. I was used to softer mattresses. He went on kissing me from toe to head, he was like an unstoppable bull. Then he starting removing his clothes. First he took off his kurta, I thought he was good enough to go for WWE wrestling or something. I won’t call it a well chiseled body, but his biceps and chest was huge, just like a professional wrestler. He had little hair on his chest too. I felt a little scared, i mean soon he would be lying on top of me. Then he took off his pyjama. After that he asked me to sit up, and came closer to me, took off his underpants.
Bilal: Kyun, sali maine photoshop kiye tha. (aur yeh bol kar, maine apna lund uske sirr aur mathe par rakh diya.)…… “Yaad hai na kya, chal ab muh mai daal isko. Bahot dino se Poonam bhabi chus rahi hai, aaj tu maza degi.”
Ya khuda, maza aagaya tha uss din, pheley seheme hatho se usne mera lund pakda phir jeeb se chata thodi dar aur phir pura lund chusne lagi. Mai bhi uske baal pakar ke uski madad kar raha tha. Blowjob dete huwe Radhika uss din puri pornstar lag rahi thi.
Khalid ne theek hi kaha tha, “aisi hindu larki eek baar agar set ho jati hai, toh bistar mai eek musalman mard ke liye sab kuch karegi.”
After the blowjob was over, he then ordered me to go and stand on a small stool in-front of the mirror. This is an image i’ll never forget, a big bearded, muscular Muslim hunk standing behind me, just wearing a skull cap. He had pure lust in his eyes. He held both my wrists behind my back, that is when I felt the raw power of his big Muslim hands; and started fucking me in doggy style. I had completed submitted to this arrogant Musalman mard. I spent six hours in different positions in his bedroom, my world had changed in these six hours. When I left home my mother thought I am going to college, but that morning was my metamorphosis into Bilal’s Hindu slut.
From that point on I became addicted to fulfilling Bilal’s sexual desires. Even kisses me in-front of his friends, specially Ali. We don’t meet daily, but whenever we can. I had to confide this secret to my younger sister Ritika. Last week Bilal come to my house when my parents had gone out of station and even met Ritika. Like me Ritika was also overwhelmed by Bilal’s presence. She started calling Bilal her ‘musalman jiju’. That day she even made breakfast for us, after Bilal fucked me on my parents bed all night (this has been another one of his fantasies).
Now Bilal wants to arrange for a surprise blind date between Ritika and his friend Khalid (who is 28) on her 19th birthday. I am not sure how would my father react when he comes to know both his Brahman daughters have become sluts for Muslim hunks!!!
PS: I wrote this story sitting completely naked on Bilal’s Fauladi Musalmani lap!!!

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  1. I can relate Radhika; in my case it happened in my university dorm room in Canada. I was a simple Maharashtrian girl on a scholarship and the next thing I know I was willingly surrendering my virginity to this Muslim hunk (Siraj). Rest you already understand 😉

  2. I lost to my brothers friend Rehan… He made me beg for his Muslim dick and took my virginity. Banged me on my parents bed

  3. Shayed kisi sanghi ne chat room me se sab ko nikaal diya tha aur usse band karne ki koshish ki thi. Fake admin ko bhi nikala aur ek story daali jisme hindu ladki usi chat room ki help se musalman ke neeche ati hai. Isko kehte hai comeback lol. 😀
    Hindu sisters please pyaar karne se kabhi darna mat aapka haq hai jisse chahe aap pyaar kar sakte ho. Agar koi pareshan kar raha hai to mujhe bolo mai thik karunga unko. [email protected]

  4. Itne dino bad meri jism ko santi mili h …padh kar jism ek dum garam ho gya …
    Please regularly update karte rhe…
    Please regularly post dalte rhe hm hindu aurat issi par apni chut sant Karte h

  5. after long some update was there. story me cut off the kuch jyada writer kar nahi paya is story me. better luck next time

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