When I fucked with Qasim by Aarti

Aarti Sachdeva shares her story with us about her sexual encounter with Qasim.

Aarti writes:-
Hey admin your website sexually excites me. This is my real personal story that I want to share with you.
My name is Aarti Sachdeva a 31 year old house wife. I have a daughter who is 8 years old. My husband is a commercial pilot and because of his job he mostly remains out. I have to go to the market often and do all the shopping to run the home. I purchase fruits and vegetables from a particular shop which is owned by a muslim man named Qasim, the shop is named after him. He is a strong looking man mostly wears muslim kurta pajama and skull cap, he looks around 35 to 40 years old. Because I was his permanent customer he always greeted me with respect and gave me good rates. I sometimes wear saree but mostly western one piece dresses, jeans etc..

Sometimes I noticed Qasim looking at me in a different manner like men usually look at women they find interesting, especially on the days when I wore a saree Qasim always looked at me. Since I was good looking and charming such type of looks from men was something I got used to and occasionally even felt good to get attention from men. I am 5.6 ft. tall and my skin tone is fair as I am from from the north, Shimla. After the marriage I shifted to Nagpur to my new home. It was one such day when I went to his shop, I was in a pink saree with black border. It was around 7 PM in the evening. The shop was unoccupied that day with only me and Qasim there. I was picking up fruits and putting them in the basket as I felt that he was staring at me, I looked back at him and he turned his face away. He was in black kurta pajama and skull cap that day.

Then he came close and said “leave these madam I have a new stock of better fruits and vegetables only for customers like you.” He took me further inside the shop in the store room where the stock was lying down. Now I had to bend and pick up he fruits and put them in the basket because of this some part of my cleavage was exposed. Qasim didn’t waste this opportunity and I felt he was looking at my boobs. The size of my boobs good, 36 C being my bra size. Then he came close and started helping me, he was holding the basket for me as I was putting fruits and vegetables in it. He bent a little and there he said “Aaj kal aam kuch jyada bade ho rahe hai.” (Mangoes these days are getting too big) I couldn’t understand anything what he just said. I replied “Bhaiya aaj kal aam ka season nahi hai.”

Qasim- ha par is aam ka season kabhi khatam nahi hota.
Full of confusion I looked up and saw that Qasim was gazing at my boobs and now I understood what mangoes he was referring to. I felt disgusted and stood up straight with my eyes down and saw his pyjama, his cock looked fully erect from outside his pyjama, it was a boner. He didn’t try to hide it which showed he was not afraid and was getting out of control. I said to myself “hey bhagwan what a crazy and awkward situation.”
I said bhaiya hisaab kar do bahot ho gaya.
Qasim- itni bhi kya jaldi hai.
Kya matlab, lagta hai tum aaj tameez bhool gaye.
Qasim- Arey janeman kabhi kabhi kuch pane k liye tameez bhulni padti hai, ye dekh….
He took out his monster cock from his pyjama. I am a very polite woman who never gets angry even in the worst of situations, I didn’t know how to respond to this crazy situation. He was a man who was in control of himself he never looked at me so openly sometimes he looked but turned away his face immediately, I had no clue that all of a sudden where did he get so much courage from.

He closed the shop’s shutter down and I couldn’t do anything. His giant cock was out, I had never seen such a long and thick cock in real, only on the internet. He came close to me I turned my back and tried to move out. He grabbed me from behind and started licking my back and trapezius from behind.
Leave me you dirty katwa you dont have a wife or she is not good enough else I will call the police.
Maza lene k liye to tum jaisi hindu aurte hai.
I am not afraid to go to jail for you baby, come on I know you are hungry dont worry I will be gentle with you, he said.

He caught my right hand and made me touch his cock I could feel the sheer hardness and big size of his penis. Frankly my husbands cock was no where near to it. Being a young woman I had sexual needs and desires and now they were overwhelming me. I grabbed his giant cock with my soft palm he looked at me and smiled and said pasand aa gaya kya kata lund hindu aurte aise he musalman k lund pakadti hai, he said. He dropped my pallu and started licking my boobs and cleavage like crazy. He removed all my clothes and became nude himself I felt his hard body crushing and rubbing against my soft fair body. He put me down on the floor and in the next instance was all over me sucking and kissing my boobs, neck and every part of my body you name it. Then he inserted his big circumcised cock into my pussy which was filled with his cock, he was ramming my pussy, I never felt so much sexual excitement. He called be a brahmin randi while fucking me, I was feeling guilty but his cock was irresistible for me. He once took out his cock from by wet pussy and made me suck his big one. I never had much experience in sucking cocks, I saw it in porn films and tried to imitate.

Sucking his hard circumcised cock was really good especially the thick smooth part of his cock head. From his face it looked he was enjoying it so much seeing me suck and milk his cock. Again I was feeling the guilt but I was so hungry for his cock. Once I saw his wife and young daughter in the shop and they were covered in veil. In between he was trying to humiliate me with his words like brahmin randi, kata lund pasand aa gaya tujhe. It was evident that he was just another momden who thought hindu women are a fair game but I dont know why I was enjoying such a man ramming my pussy and using me as he wanted. He fucked me again and again that night and filled by pussy which his semen. I left at 12 O’clock at night in my car and for the next 2 days I kept feeling degraded, guilty but also couldn’t stop thinking about his big cock. I couldn’t resist his cock and sexual power for too long and next week I went to his shop that day I took him in my car and drove away to a lonely location where he fucked me inside my car like a bitch. I became pregnant which his child and gave birth to a son. I still get screwed by him whenever I get a chance.

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