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White christian girl submits to muslim

white convert to islam

Zara Gluch, a 29-year-old  originally from Poland and was brought up in a Christian household as Edyta Gluch, but converted to Islam when she was 22 years old, after she got a Muslim boyfriend.

“When I was in Poland my friend once had a Muslim boyfriend and I remember saying to my mum, I would never go out with a Muslim man – I would never change my religion. But things changed when I met my boyfriend.”

Verily the power of Muslim cock can change the heart of any white girl.

She has given up the short skirts, short-sleeved tops and high heels of her past in favour of loose clothing and a headscarf – even though her husband tried to persuade her not to wear the headscarf.

But Gluch says it’s what she wants: “It’s about covering yourself. Since I have started covering myself, I feel people respect me more, they look at me differently. People used to [catcall] me before and say things. Now they don’t.

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  1. more of her friend will be joining her with men coming in from middle-east and giving the muslin baby to raise

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