5 thoughts on “White christian women willingly submit to foreign muslim men

    1. Karoline,
      As a Christian woman, would you give your pussy to a conquering Muslim man?
      Lay-back & open your legs ‘wide open’ to “welcome” his impressive & hard nonChristian cock into your “innocent” Christian pussy, which so wants to be fucked?

      As he conquered you, pushing in & out, you think of your faith or your convictions?

      As you caress each other, him caressing your clit & pushing his fingers into your pussy, & you sucking his impressive manhood, would you think about your Christian faith?
      Even as you climb on-top of him & guide his manhood into your sexy, very wet pussy?

      As he passionately thrusts deep into you, showing his dominance over you, would you be thinking about how you might tell him about your faith?
      Even as you feel his spermy cum conquering your “innocent” Christian pussy, which you give him completely?

  1. I bet it makes you hard fantasizing about thrusting your hard, impressive penis deep into an “innocent” Christian woman’s pussy.

    You get horny imagining you’d be the first to push into her Christian pussy & make her a woman.

    She gives you a nervous & at the same time, terrified look as you prepare to mount her & push your penis into her.

    After extensive sex-play, or foreplay, you notice how wet her pussy is.

    “Fuck me…” she tells you.

    You’re not wearing a condom.

    The Christian woman knows what will happen when you begin thrusting into her.

    As you two kiss passionately, she will wrap her arms around you & squeeze your buttocks as she feels you drill her Christian pussy with your impressive & godless non-Christian penis, which she so craves in her.

    She decides she can’t really resist & so easily surrenders her Christian pussy to you.

    She closes her eyes as she feels your godless, nonChristian penis push deep into her.

    You know she’s a Christian girl as your penis sinks deeper.

    You notice she’s not as tight as you imagined a Christian “virgin” would be.
    In fact, your penis never meets her holy “innocent” hymen, which you sooo wanted to burst.
    You had no idea she’s slept with other men, Christian men.

    You both breathe heavily as she takes-in your passionate thrusts.

    You see that cross necklace she’s always wearing.
    That cross necklace assures you she’s a Christian girl.

    You lick & kiss it.

    Later, as she rides your hard cock, you see that cross necklace bouncing between her bouncy boobs as she rides you HARD.

    After you fuck, later in the evening, you titty-fuck her, thrusting your hard penis between her Christian breasts.
    You get horny & soon, your cum shoots out onto her neck.
    Some of it spatters onto that cross necklace.

    You push ever deeper into her.

    After about 20 minutes of passionate thrusting in & out of her good-girl Christian pussy, she feels your manhood spasming.
    She knows your penis is about to orgasm & fill her “innocent” pussy with your conquering godless Muslim cum.

    She holds you even tighter & kisses you even more passionately as she knows the critical moment is about to cum, your spermy cum conquers her.

    You respect her Christian faith but her pussy is now your’s.

  2. Would you still let her practice her Christian faith?

    I mean, she gave her pussy to you, in all possible ways & in all positions (throughout that fateful night as you two became physically closer).

    As you caress each other, you caressing her clit & pushing your fingers into her pussy, & she sucking your impressive manhood, would you let her (later) tell you about her Christian faith?

    As she goes-down on you & services your hard penis, would you view her as a Christian angel?
    Even as she climbs on-top of you & guides your manhood into her sexy, very wet pussy?

    Even as you passionately thrust deep into her, showing your dominance over her?

    Even as she feels your spermy cum conquering her “innocent” Christian pussy, which she gives you completely?

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