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    1. I did raise mine right, Emily went to a Catholic school and was an A+ student. Now she spends all her time at the refugee centre. There are so many men there from Muslim nations. I have seen her in the arms of bearded men and I can see how much she loves the way they treat her. They must be so superior in bed….

      1. Yes, I can confirm this. I also met my boyfriend at a refugee camp where I worked last summer. It was the best sexual experience in my whole life. This year I converted to islam and I’m much more happy than I was before.
        Greetings from Austria 🙂

        1. Hi Karoline
          i also worked at a refugee camp scince 2015, because i am red cros member and want to help them.
          in the first weeks at the camp i was a little scared, the muslim mans staring at my body every time. (now i am 21yo and only 156cm)
          sometimes the accidental (or not) touch me and first times i was scared about that.
          but on the other side i start to think about this touches when i mastrubate days later and it got me wet, really wet.
          i also get wet, when i read 50 shades of grey. i like the way to be the sub.
          the time goes by and last year i had the first sexuell experience with a muslim man.
          i am a little ashamed because i where in a realtionship (now i am single because i fell bad about what i did) and had sex with a other man,a muslim man.
          it was so different
          not really the size
          my white bf also have a large penis
          but the muslim man was a little bigger and he introduce in a sexuell way i can’t explain
          he where the second man in my life that i allowed to fuck me bare and to came in me.
          (i am on the pill so no scared about pregnancy 😀 )
          totally i had around 7 times sex with him, then the others mens came to me and ask about sex and more
          i wass scared again and let me transfer to a other camp, because i was scared other people can find it out.
          now i meet a new man at the camp, since yet we only talk and he kiss me one time.
          and i got wet at this time.
          how to you meet your bf at the camp Karoline?
          and what to you think should i to?
          i know that he want me and he ask me if i where a virgin and days later if i use any contraception and birth control or if i plan to have a baby i the near future.
          Hope you can help me Karoline ore someone other with helpful tips


  1. My two B4 hair on it B4 boobies daughters are draining the snot right out of at least 6 muslim bulls 4 or 5 times a week. Hubby has watched them take more cock at one fucking than I get in a year. He wants me to service 3 at a time like they do and drain them like they do.

    1. All white parents must allow their young daughters, yes before they grow hair on it, to take muslum and/or black seeds inside them for 30 days straight. Then ask the girls if they want to give up the huge dongs? It ends racism, and makes them appreciate larger dongs.

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