13 thoughts on “White european christian women welcome muslim men

  1. heyyy not only liberal girls… I come from a conservative family ( dad is kinda… racist) and i happily welcome arab immigrants and muslim conquerors… 🙂

  2. Hmm tasty white bitches!!
    Guys, these white pussies are very nice to fuck.. Been to Germany for a while, believe me.. None open their legs as early these white bitches do!! It’s always great to grab a white bitch and screw her like it’s end of the world, these sluts never say no to anything you wanna do to her!
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  3. Nothing puts me in the Christmas season like white women worshipping superior Muslim balls and getting fucked. Puts me in the holiday spirit! We need more of this in the US and my gf and mom both need muslim cock.

    1. And your B4 hair on it daughters like mine. They drain muslim balls with all 3 holes almost every night. Their pussy inner lips hang down almost an inch from being stretched around those giant muslim cocks. They won’t even look at a white boi. Their father enjoys watching and hearing orgasms from both the girls and the guys draining deeply in them. Hopefully they will take pregnant this year, or next. Ready for some grand muslim babies. There are about 20 white girls that belong to a club around here, muslims in them B4 hair on it. All white girls should be made try this.

      1. Of course all white girls beforevthey get hair on their young pussy MUST be fucked by huge Muslim cocks and readily accept Muslim seeds. It will end racism.

  4. I want to be a Slave For Muslims serv them For my erholen life.

    I cant Talk to others about These.
    Im From Germany and i want thats a Germany unser Muslim control.

    Presse weiter to mein if You want a White Sissy Boy

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  5. Hey, …

    I am a white sissy boy, and ..yes, our pretty girls need more black, arab cocks men. The history has changed. Our white girls need more intense orgams. We can’t give them intense orgams… The better solution to this problem. they with black, brown guys….

    And white guys should be looking for white blodie girls for ours new boss

    Welcome to Europe, and enjoy blondie girls…

  6. Please Muslim masters, continue your holy quest of fucking and breeding all white females with your superior cocks and destroy white cocks like mine. I deserve to be eliminated, and it arouses me that it is happening more and more.

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