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White feminist woman marries muslim man

My name is Rachel Winston Jacobs. And I am a Muslim. I was born in North London, England, and lived there my whole life. When most people think of a Muslim woman, I’m not what they think of. I stand six feet tall, with long blonde hair and pale blue eyes. I was born in the United Kingdom to conservative Anglican parents. I was a student at Cambridge University when I had a crisis of faith. I discovered that I could no longer follow the doctrines of Christianity. Thus, I found myself drawn to Islam.

At first, I was afraid. How would my family react? How would my friends view me? Yes, I was afraid. Well, not anymore. I walked away from the life of a Godless woman and Western Feminist and converted to Islam. The true way. Islamic submission is the path that all Caucasian (white) women should follow. For these reasons, I married a handsome Saudi gentleman named Ahmed Farouk and moved to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to be with him. I renounced both my Christian faith and my British citizenship, along with my Feminist ideology.

Presently, I am at home, preparing a meal for my husband Ahmed. He comes home after a hard day at work. Ahmed is a tall, lean man with dark bronze skin, Black hair and dark brown eyes. I met Ahmed while we were both studying at Cambridge University in the United Kingdom. Even though he was thirty nine years old and I was only twenty, we clicked instantly. At first, Ahmed and I clashed.

I was a British gal after all and he was a conservative Muslim from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We had different values. I felt that Islam oppressed women. Women couldn’t be Imams. Women couldn’t wear certain types of clothes according to the rules of Islam. Women had to always behave and dress modestly. It seemed to me that Islam had a million rules for women but none for men. That was my western, deeply feminist way of thinking. Well, Ahmed was patient with me and in time, he helped me see the light.

Feminism is unnatural, ladies and gentlemen. Men and women are not created equal. The man should be the head of the family, and of the household. The woman should be the heart of the family, but male and female minds fundamentally differ. That’s how Allah in His Infinite Wisdom created Man and Woman.

Thus, according to the sacred rules of Sharia Law, men are the natural leaders and women were made to follow. At first, I had serious problems with that. I grew up in a modern British family. My father Henry Jacobs is a lawyer and my mother Annette Winston Jacobs is a policewoman.

She’s a lieutenant with Scotland Yard, actually. My mother is a feminist and a liberated woman who believes that men and women are equal. She was deeply shocked to hear that her proudly feminist daughter was rejecting the ways of the western world for the rules of Islam. A lot of White men and White women are astonished to discover how so many White women are converting to Islam left and right.

The sister of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair converted to Islam. And so did a certain blonde-haired and green-eyed White female professor at Saint Edwards University in the State of Texas, in the United States of America. Fidelma Anne O’Leary is my idol. An educated White woman who rejected the ways of feminism and of the Godless western world for the rules of Islam. May many of my White sisters worldwide find their way to Islam. Feminism is wrong. Islam is the way!
I cannot thank Allah enough for bringing Ahmed Farouk into my life. When I think of my old life, I shake my head in disgust. I look at pictures of me playing with my dogs Marquis and Lucky. Dogs are considered Haram or unclean according to the rules of Islam. When I converted and became a Muslim, I thought about giving away my dogs or putting them to sleep but my parents came and took them away from me.
I cannot stand those Godless men and women I see walking around with dogs. Dogs are not man’s best friend. Dogs are considered Haram or unclean according to the sacred rules of Islam. As a devout Muslim woman, I do not question the rules of Islam. When my parents vehemently opposed my marrying Ahmed, I told them that I was leaving the family. I did not need them anymore. I am a Muslim woman.

I cannot associate with unbelievers, even if they happen to be my mother and father. They’re Christians, not Muslims. Since they are numbered among those who believe in the sacred teachings of Allah, their very lives do not matter. My parents are Infidels. They believe in Jesus Christ, whom Islam says was a mere mortal. I cannot associate with such people. Thus, I happily walked away from my feminist ideology and my Christian family and embraced my new life with Ahmed Farouk, my wonderful Muslim husband.

Ahmed Farouk and I moved to the City of Al Bahah in Southwestern Saudi Arabia. My husband and I embraced our new life together. I now proudly wear the burka and I don’t miss my old life of walking around in tight T-shirts, jeans and skirts. Those were the trappings of a Godless life. I now pray five times a day and fast at the appropriate times like during the sacred month of Ramadan. I feel sorry for all those White women in Europe and North America who still believe in the madness of feminism and its principles of gender equality and female empowerment.

If Allah wanted woman to rule and man to follow, Allah would have given woman a penis and he would have given man a pair of breasts. That’s the conventional wisdom shared by every man in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. You might think I miss being able to walk down the street by myself, voting, or driving a car. Female drivers are forbidden in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Once, as a feminist raised in Godless Britain, I would have disagreed. Not anymore. Women are not equal to men under the sacred rules of Sharia Law. Thank Allah for allowing Ahmed into my life for teaching me this.

Please don’t be frightened by what I say, ladies. I encourage as many White women as possible to convert to Islam, marry Muslim men born outside North America and Europe, and move to Middle-Eastern nations. The western world is too secular, hypersexual and dangerous for true Muslims. Too much temptation. Life for White women is much better under Sharia Law. Ahmed and I are a couple like any other couple. We have our good days and bad days. Sometimes I misbehave and Ahmed has to punish me.

Those few whacks of his belt or lightweight stick don’t bother me too much now and the bruises actually go away after a couple of days. I now accept that I must say yes to my husband’s sexual demands. That’s the role of a prim and proper Muslim wife. My husband really likes anal sex and he enjoys making me get on all fours before sliding his penis into my rectum while calling me an infidel whore and a dumb slut.

I accept this as a form of role play and I play along because I want to please my husband as a good Muslim wife. Besides, anal sex is not explicitly forbidden in Islam so it’s okay. The sex can be rough sometimes but I submit to it because to be a Muslim means a life of submission. I accept this because it features prominently in the Koran. I dare not question anything that is in the Koran. To do so would make me a bad Muslim.

I know that my choice of lifestyle might frighten some of you. A lot of White women in Great Britain are marrying Muslim men and converting to Islam. Yet they’re choosing to remain in the Godless, pro-feminist world of the Infidels.

I consider that living the life of a Muslim woman halfway. To be a true Muslim woman, the White woman who converts to Islam should follow my example. You should move to a Muslim country. The more conservative the better. Egypt and Libya are okay but the best country for a White female Muslim convert to live in is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. My White sisters…are you with me? Please join me in this beautiful country. Abandon feminism and its lies. Enjoy life among the Faithful…in a nation of the Faithful. Leave North America and Europe behind. Move to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and marry Saudi men, the most open-minded men in the entire world. They really know how to treat a woman.

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  1. 24 year old German wife here who totally agree with this article. I married a Muslim from Pakistan 3 years ago and I was a social outcast for many months who were saying he is using me for citizenship. We have been happily married and have 2 beautiful kids. He is 40 years old who came to Germany for work. He was open and honest that he is already married with kids in Pakistan but he loves me more than ever. I was suspicious at first but when we had sex it was the greatest thing I have ever experienced. Have had sex with at least 20 white men before but never like this. I also converted to Islam and actually wear a hijab. We eat only halal and I like the fact that in religion of Islam women are respected. I believe in Quran and think shariah law is the solution. My husband and I are very close and he loves me and loves me only. As a white German women I am proud to be his wife. With everything that is going on this country and Europe with islamophobia we are planning on moving to Dubai. I don’t want to raise my daughters in country full of bigotry. We need more white women like you speaking out and society accepting when we prefer Islam and Muslim men.

  2. I’m so happy to see more women like me. I’m loes a dutch girl 23 yo and I’m now married for 4 years to my muslim Moroccan husband. We met in the grocery store he asked which vegetables have the most vitamins. We hit it off and we met a couple times. We clashed a bit because I was a feminist and he was muslim patriarch. He patiently told me how it worked and how it’s in both benefit. We got married half a year later. On our honeymoon we had sex and it was the best I ever had. Muslim cock is so much better and bigger than whites I promise. At first I didn’t like his overly active sex drive but after a few beatings I learned to behave and submit. We make love every night and have 4 children now. And for the feminist who say he beats you? It’s only a couple smacks in the face and belt whips on my ass. He does it with love to make me a better wife. I am a proud muslim woman for 4 years and I would never go back.

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