White French Atheist girl submission to an Algerian muslim man

I am Leona a white French girl. When I was 20 I got admission into a university where I met this Algerian Muslim guy named Brahim Medjber, we were classmates. Brahim was aroud 6 feet tall and always kept a little amount of beard. Ideologically I was a Humanist Atheist where as he was quite the opposite a devout Muslim. Sometimes he even made fun and ridiculed Western culture. Once he posted a pic on his facebook in which a French flag was painted on the wall and a guy was pissing on it. He was proud and assertive.

I had a soft corner for Arab and African Muslim guys and I hated those racist white guys who showed their animosity towards Muslim immigrants.
It was the second day in the college and that day Brahim sat on the same bench next to me. We had our first time conversation. After a few days conversations became intimate. That day I was in shorts seated next to him. My legs and part of thighs was visible and it did not go unnoticed. Brahim commented “Do you like to show off your body.”
I said what are you talking about. He pointed towards my shorts and said most of the boys were staring at your ass. You like that ?
I don’t care I will wear what I like.
Brahim- Some people would even justify roaming naked.
Its cultural difference accept it.
Brahim- You are following inferior culture, you can change your way and lead a degnified life.
That conversation ended up in disagreement.

After that day I decided to change Brahim. First I tried to seduce him but he didn’t fall for it. Then few days later I went with him to his apartment where he lived.
Like a slutty white girl I wanted him to sleep with me but he proved to be different from all the white boys I previously met.
I tried to romance and flirt with him.
Brahim- I tried to teach you but you don’t want to learn. You just want to get fucked like a slut.
Why would you not want to have sex with a pretty girl like me, especially when you are not committed to anyone. I thought better of you but the reality is that you white women make the best sluts and bitches.

Ok I would fuck you but as your master. You must accept your place as a slave and submit as my right hand possession Ma malakat aymanukum. This is how you are to be fucked. I accepted my place as his slave. That time I thought it thought this as some kind of far fetched thinking but later on I realized that he was serious and I experienced real manhood,virility, honor and fidelity.

Not to mention his big arab cock which I loved sucking. I liked it when he fucked me bent me over in the favorite slave position and screwed me from behind, then grinded me in slow motion. He used to last in bed up to an hour with full erection and got ready again after a short while. He was both aggressive and gentle in the bed at the same time. This continued for over a year I didn’t seem to get bored instead got addicted and didn’t want to leave him. After the course he were to go back to Algeria. It was then I made a decision to become a muslimah and go to Algeria with him as his wife. First time when I wore hijab and walked down the street near the college holding hands with my Arab muslim boyfriend I noticed uncanny looks from many white men. I embraced great Arab muslim culture and now living as a dignified and proud muslimah.

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