White girl Carley Watts married a Muslim guy and converted to islam

white girl marry muslim

carley watts conver to islam

carley watts islam

24 year old Glamour Model Carley Watts went to Tunisia where she fell for a Muslim guy named Mohammed Salah whom she married. It happens very often when white women visit these Muslim countries like Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Syria, Turkey etc they end up falling into the lap of Muslim guys and after that they are ready to do anything for them. Just like other white girls Carley also came to know the difference when she slept a Muslim man in Tunisia after which she wanted him for the rest of her life.

carley watts husband

I read some posts about her on social media that she converted and saw many white guys feeling insecure and uncomfortable about it calling her names and that she is stupid, but hey white boys she has finally chosen a real man. She had sex with feminized white guys prior to this but when she tasted a Muslim in bed she truly  fell in love, she clearly felt the vast difference. Once a white girl goes Muslim she never goes back and she starts longing for the muslim man till the end of her days.

carley watts muslim

carly watts

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  1. Wow
    Salah looks exactly like Hassan, the Turkish Stud who we met in London. He had a big enormous cock and he made my wiife his slave. He came to India with us and impregnated my wife with his powerful cock and his seed was there in her womb. We had a beautiful son who we named after the biological father Hassan. When he left India he took 2 Indian girls as his wife and impregnated many married women in my neighbourhood.

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