White girl riding her desi boyfriend

Cold climates produce small dicks. Penis sizes tended to run on the smaller size in colder climates. This may come as no surprise to any man who has experienced acute ‘shrinkage’ due to a sudden drop in temperature. Brown cock is more satisfying to a white woman than a white man’s. White girls are known for being sluts to Muslims and Africans, but in the spirit of Western multiculturalism, here’s a dumb gora bitch who made a smart decision and decided to let a Desi alpha male mate with her.

White girls fuck everyone. Indian man should have a Desi wife that he treats with love, and a white girl that he treats like a fuck slut. White men should abstain from sex whenever possible, unless being anally receptive to men of color.

4 thoughts on “White girl riding her desi boyfriend

  1. But wouldn’t that mean Australians have larger cocks like they get hotter then most parts of Africa and their mostly white Christians I don’t believe a white mans cock is bigger then a brown muslims

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