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White girl’s arab obsession

Once you go Arab go never go back.

white girl arab bf“My-Ex-Boyfriend-Is-Palestinian” Amy
We can’t forget about the white girl who dated an Arab guy in college, and seems to have never got enough of Mahmoud after he went back home abruptly after graduation and got married. Dating the Palestinian kid makes the symptom even more pronounced, the suffering must be seductive and spices up the relationship. The “something” is missing feeling drives Amy into the laps of Middle Eastern restaurants and hookah lounges. Of course it does not help that Palestine is always on the news which only makes the shadows of the past relationship more real. Amy has dated many guys none live to controlling Mahmoud; white kids do not want families; Hispanic kids are too flashy; Asians are too quite and too obsessed with gadgets.

Another white girl says.
I’ve had a couple of relationships but since I broke up with my last boyfriend (who was an arab from north africa) things are not the same anymore… I just feel terribly attracted whenever I see a good looking young arab guy, I get that tingling and heat in my belly and I can’t help thinking of a way to get him into my bed…I love their beautiful slightly dark skins, big dark eyes, their virility and passion, intelligence and full dedication when in the presence of a woman they like… my ex used to last in bed up to an hour with full erection and get ready again after a short while, I also like the way they can be agressive and gentle at the same time and that they get totally in command in bed to the point I totally submit myself till the intense inevitable ****** I always got to have… I think it’s becoming an obsession… I planned on a trip to morocco this summer for that reason.

3 thoughts on “White girl’s arab obsession

  1. been dating a Saudi guy here in the USA. He’s a bit rigid, quite conservative and well…had to be kinda “slutty” .. but yes it’s interesting in the way of being something different and exotic for us western girls. Now these days I’m trying to get a female friend of mine (cheerleader :)) to date this guy’s friend

  2. Kimberly, as blacked white girls pushing rightly their girlfriends to black dudes, you arabized white girls must push the other white girls to arab guys too, and don’t hesitate to share your Arab man with other white girls, your Arab lover will be grateful to you !…

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