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White girls welcome muslim migrants with open legs

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39 thoughts on “White girls welcome muslim migrants with open legs

  1. My white 20 year old daughter dating an ill mannered and impolite syrian muslim guy who is 10 years older than her, when I tried to stop her she said she would go to the police. There is nothing I can do, I guess this is the future.

    1. that’s because white 18-21 year olds are rightfully ashamed of their culture, and are waiting to open their legs. those women are heroes.

    2. She is 10 years too old for them. She is almost a grand mother to them by that age. They want them foe wives and breeding from 6-10. Anything older has to look younger, flat, no titties, no hair on it. That is how they enjoy them. The rest of the world enjoys younger women. 6-10. It is time for the YT world to catch up as after they are bleeding they have too many issues. My pussy was opened at 7, and I wish I had started at 5! He was my father’s friend. My g/fs and I called him mule for a readon. He had a John Holmes sized girl breeder on him, and he was breeding 8 of us girls all B4 we had hair on it, until he was killed in a trucking accident. We are all marrued, still get together and cry for the times that a real man showed us that young ladies love and need sex even more than older sluts. We would all leave our shrimp dicked hubbies if he was still around and waved that mule wand at us. That is why young women, and they are, they are built just like their mothers, without hair, periods, and bitch attitudes. Little women need cock too, and cums every day and night.

    3. Why did she wait so long? She should have been taking Muslim or Black cock cum 13 years ago. Naturally Bald on it white girls giving up that prehair hole will end racism, especially when they take that cum inside them. All white parents of prehair white daughters must insist their daughters breed Black or Muslim cocks only. It ends racism.

  2. I know several examples of not only Muslims, but other ethnic men being welcomed by our pretty white girls. An example about Muslims: My neighbor has a very pretty blonde daughter who is currently dating some Syrian or Iraqi guy. The irony? her father is a member of the US Army and participated in the iraqi inavion in 2003…

  3. My daughter is petite, pale skin, 19 and very pretty. She is very left wing and volunteered at a migrant centre. It wasn’t long before she had a boyfriend. He treats her like his property. He is in a gang and I have seen his mates with their arms around her. She says she loves him though and that I should feel sorry for him after all he’s been through. I have heard him in her room….he is like an animal with my princess. She does whatever he says….I dont know what to do.

    1. I wish the same pleasure for my own daughter. No white girl should have to suffer limp white dick when there is so much big Muslim cock invading Europe and waiting to breed out the white race.

  4. When he first started coming over with his friends I told her to stop and she said she would run away. The men just laugh at me when they come over. My generation will always resent them, but my daughter can see the future. She doesnt come home a lot of nights now. I know she is in the migrant camp nearby, welcoming the new arrivals.

  5. Your daughter is typical of most modern young women and should be applauded for her actions, she knows that the Muslim immigrant is more of a man than the wimpy white boys her age. She wants that Muslim cock and she wants to help breed out the white race.
    I hope my own daughter will do the same and end my weak bloodline forever.

  6. Thank you Placebo, it helps to know that others like you understand. It is getting worse. She wears a head scarf now in public and always long sleeves and pants. We used to always fight because she dressed so revealingly and was a flirt, but now I wish she was back that way. When she is with her bf though, he undresses her, even in front of his mates and treats her like his slave. I know they take turns with her, and play Taharrush. It’s like they are trying to impregnate her, it doesnt matter who, as long as the seed is muslim.
    I am torn…I worry about her, but at the same time I want them to claim her and fulfill her, she is one of the lucky ones

    1. Yes, it also happens here in Finland. My daughter experiences the same issue 🙁 They treat her like that. My daughter doesn’t even care about us, the parents anymore. She converts and she doesn’t want to listen to me anymore.

  7. More and more white girls are spreading legs for muslim men in Italy. My 18 yo daughter is a volunteer at a migrant centre and told me that this is the new world and i have to accept her needs. She told me also she had sex with some of them. I know they want to spread muslim seeds as much as possible so I think that sooner or later she’ll get pregnant.

  8. So many young naive girls seem to go to the migrant centres. They start off as do-gooders helping refugees, but soon become sexual objects for all the arab and african men at those places. They are seduced so easily it seems….and once they have experienced their first huge muslim cock, and been dominated, even forced, they are addicted and never say no after the first time. Italian girls seem to be the same as English girls. Does the thought of your sweet young daughter being used roughly by groups of older migrants excite you?

    1. The thought of her rudely used is not exciting, but I know that when she comes home she is always smiling and happy. Probably we must try to understand that the world is really changing and we have to accept the will and all the needs of the new generation. I also know that her smile is probably due to sexual satisfaction that these men are able to give her. When our white girls try these big muslim cocks they become addicted and they always want more. If she decided to help spreading the muslim seed I don’t have chances to stop that, since it seems involving millions of white girls in Europe and maybe in the entire world. This morning she is gone there.

      1. She sounds similar to my daughter now; she is addictd to the pleasure and satisfaction she can only get from being serviced by superior muslim men. Opening her legs willingly so they can take her one after another until she is with child. Its ironic….Muslim men are flowing into Europe the same way that Muslim sperm is flowing into our pretty white daughters. In both instances they are being welcomed.

  9. As i told in my first post my daughter said she had sex with “some” of them, i don’t know with many she has been with but since she goes there quite every day i think muslim sperm is flowing heavily into her pussy and i’m sure she is very happy about that. I’ve never seen her so relaxed and satisfied as she is right now.

  10. i am 19 hindu girl… here in india too we r getting fucked by those giant muslim guys. my daddy warned be many times when his frnds used to see me going to muslim colony only shorts . but nw when i get out he doesn’t say dnt go muslim colony instead he says take care baby girl… i had did with 7 guys till nw.i am proud to have them

    1. It seems Hindu girls have known for a long time what white girls are just now discovering. Your daddy must love you a lot to let you fulfill your desires. I am sure he is secretly very proud of you, and excited to know that his pretty daughter is being satisfied by such superior men. Do they degrade your religion as they service you?

  11. Yesterday evening when my daughter came home from the camp we talked, she told me many things about her choice and I must say that now I understand her much more than before. She said that I should be proud of her because what she does is to satisfy not only her needs but also those of people who are the future of this new world. Talking baut sex she told me that muslims know how to take a white girl and satisfy her completely, she also confirmed to me that their penises are very large and for a woman the big penis is psychologically significant as it makes her more receptive when their muslim seeds invades their pussies literally assaulting white eggs. The conversation was very long and very detailed … anyway, Chris, she told me that while having sex they like to degrade their religion, especially Christianity.

  12. Thankyou Wman, This is what I suspected. Being from the new generation, our daughters have open minds to the way the world will soon be. It is only the older generation like us who will struggle with it. I am so conflicted…I hate them, but the thought of my young daughter being a pioneer, offering herself to pleasure, serve, and be bred by all of the strong men arriving makes me excited. Being white, they will always treat her like an object, but once she is pregnant and producing muslim babies for them, she will have a place in the new world. At her age she is so fertile, and the many men she has regular sex with are so virlie. It must be soon that her womb surrenders

  13. Its happened. My daughter is pregnant now. It took a bit longer than I thought but I am not surprised. She is not sure who the father is. She says it is most likely one of two men; one from Iraq or one from Somalia. She is living with the Iraqi guy now. He has two other white girls there, and they all serve him. I am not really welcome so I hardly ever see her.

  14. My B4 hair on it white daughter and 4 of her same aged beautiful white friends are all being huge cock bred by muslum men. They laugh at white Bois. I have tried to stop her and treatened to tell the other girls’ parents. They all laughed and said some of their dads watched them being bred! Mine wanted to know if I wanted to watch a huge muslum cock going in her and his seeds dripping from her? I am frantic as to what to do?

    1. I know my opinion may not mean much, but I think you should follow the example of the other girl’s dads and watch and enjoy the wonderfully hot show. I really do believe you will find it incredibly arousing to see, and it is happening more and more frequently with girls of your daughter’s age, it is the wave of the future, and should be encouraged and honored.

    2. Go watch her take that superior cock and Muslim seeds from a fat 12″ cock, with bull sized nuts spraying his seeds into your little daughters baldy. Bet all her little same aged sluts have recruited many more YT girls to have their intestines rearrainged by huge Muslim or Black Cocks? Pretty site to see her hairless wonder stretched so wide so it can accept that furious pounding and watch as she cums on him, kissing him raising her legs to allow him full access and drive her white genes from her fuck tube. The bliss of watching a B4 hair on it white girl get what she craves is beauty at is finest. Let her be fucked everyday while she does not have to worry about becoming a mother. Good white family allowing their tight white daughters to drain superior seeds from the scrotums of Muslim Bulls. As nature intended it. Praise Allah to allow all B4 hair on it yet white girls to take fresh Muslim seeds into all holes.

    1. It truly is happening everywhere, and they should be encouraged and supported by parents, schools, the media, etc.

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