White Humiliation

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The following article is written by a white sissy.
In Europe , thanks to mass immigration , forced cultural mix, and the desire of white girls for interracial sex , the white people will disappear quickly. The white race has always been weaker than the races from Africa, so its extinction is not a bad thing , it’s just natural order. But while helping to eradicate this inferior race, Blacks and Arabs living in Europe, can have great fun with whites. Indeed, the whites may be useful as sextoys, slaves, breeding pigs, ass cleaners and urinals.

Blacks and Arabs should not feel guilty to use and humiliate the white race, because they only help human evolution . No one ever blamed homo sapiens to have made disappear the neanderthal, right ?

The strong species have the duty to hunt, rape, use, enslave and eradicate the weak ones. It’s not about history, politics, revenge or justice, this is called evolution. And this is a perfectly ordinary thing.

So this is a message for all the Black and Arab people : The white race is doomed cause we’re weak and inferior, so … have fun with us.
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  1. white women what to be with them and white men wish they were them

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