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White sissy boy for muslim cock

white sissy boy

Anonymous asked:
I can’t get hard for my girlfriend anymore unless I imagine her being fucked and impregnated by muslim immigrants. Even my pathetic white dick has turned on me. Should I confess to her? I want her to cheat on me so badly now.

First of all you should try and find out if she is attracted to Arab/Black Men. If so then she might also feel submissive towards Muslim Men specifically. You would be surprised how many White Girls secretly have these feelings.. i know a lot. If she is attracted to them, then you can talk to her about the idea, fantasise and see how she reacts. If you both are into it then maybe you could have a cuckold relationship.

If she isn’t so open to you and she seems to not show interest in Muslim Men, then perhaps you could secretly introduce her to a Muslim Man. Just because she doesn’t tell you about secret desires doesn’t mean they don’t exist. You could try to introduce your Girlfriend to a Muslim Man and who knows, you could observe her cheat on you without her knowing. It sounds like that would be a massive turn on for you.

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