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White wife in muslim refugee center

white wife for muslim refugees

My wife, started to work at a refugee center, for some time ago. She wanted to help people in need.
Shes preparing food for them, in day time. But she also work in the night.. Then its only to be there for the young teens. If something happens, during the night. It can be 2-3 nights a week…

white wife for muslim

One night, when she was heading for the bed to rest. She got to sleep.. but woke up, with someone behind her back in the bed. She felt a hand moving to her breast, and she told me afterwards, that she was letting him play with it.
After a while, she spread her legs, when she felt the hand moving down. She turn on to her stomach. Spreading legs…
And the boy had got down and started to lick her already wet pussy.
Then he stood up and gave her cock.. to suck. It wasnt long before he fucked her so hard. And she was enjoying it to the fullest. He gave her some hot muslim cum in her pussy. And he disappeared.

After some nights, she was working again.. Thinking what happened last time.. getting little wet..

She fell asleep as the last time.. Then of a sudden. She woke up.. the door closed and it was dark as the last time. But she heard the door also became locked. And this was not someone singel.
At first, she got someones cock.. in her mouth, forced in. And hands all over her body. Fingers.. in her ass.. pussy.
She thought they might be at least 4-5 kids with her.
And then they started with forcing them in to her… One by one..
When one fucked her from behind, another one fucked her mouth.
Some had very big cocks.. and she begged them to stop. But they just got more violent. She screamed…
And they told her that she was their slut.. and they owned her. It kept going on for hours. And when they finished, they just went out of the room. She was covered in cum… in the hair.. all over her..
But she got home and told me what happened. It just turned me on. She had to tell all about it. What they was saying… slut, bitch. They was gonna fuck their bitch every night. And she told me that she liked to be their Muslim Bitch.
This repeated every night she was there., even in day time. But then there would be only one, that took her. It could be, that she needed to go to the kitchen. And into a storehouse. A younger boy helping her there. And he might tell her to go down on her knees… sucking his cock. Everytime she got home.. she would tell me what happened. She could say like.. lve been a slut today. Telling the name of the man or boy. If they tell her to do it. Or forced her…
When fucking her.. They would always cum in pussy… telling her that shes a Bitch, that must be pregnant. One day.. it might be true. My Christian wife.. bred by Muslims. And she want it..

At one time l told her to put a camera in her room. And she did…. what a film.
See your wife, be taken by a Muslim gang. Hear her scream as they force themselves into her. Hold her head down… fucking her so hard.. taking her hair like a wild horse. And hear them cum into her. And secounds later.. she has another muslim cock…
At the end.. she had to rim one of the boys ass… while the others told her that shes a Christian Bitch….

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  1. Muslim maliko se chudwane me koi burai nahi hai. Hindu boy maximum satisfied nahi kar pate aur tabhi hindu ghar ki sareef ladkiya muslimo ki rakhail ban jate hai. Hum hindu hi rahete Hai muslim nahi bante. Hindu god ka hi puja karte. Hindu pati namard hone ke baad bhi usse pyar karte aur kaya chaiye hindu ladke ko. Jitna din jayega hindu ladkiya aur jada se jada muslim mardo se chudwayegi aur unki rakhail banegi

  2. See, I just knew those Muslim refugees were like that! Nothing but a bunch of violent, sadistic, mesogynistic pigs that just love to abuse women. Man, how I WISH we had a refugee camp near my wife and I here in America!

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