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White wife used by muslim refugee

My wife is a social worker for refugees. Recently one of them seduced her in her office and she came home and told me all about it. Apparently it happens to most of the female counselors and they’re encouraged to just let it happen because Muslim men are used to taking a woman they want. This man seduced my wife and fucked her on her couch in the office and didn’t stop until he came inside my wife.My wife said his Dick was about 10″ long and very thick and when she saw it she stopped trying to resist him. My wife told me she needs to get back on the pill because this man now expects to have sex with her every time she counsels him I had no idea it was quite common. His name is Omar hes a 28 year old Muslim We are in Florida. Omar told my wife that if she doesn’t continue to have sex with him he will tell every man in the program exactly what she’s doing. He even wants her to come to his apartment starting tomorrow night. Omar actually told my wife it’s his right as a Muslim to get her pregnant. She asked him to wear a condom or pull out but he refused to.

5 thoughts on “White wife used by muslim refugee

  1. such a lucky husband you are. I am wishing for years that my 28 year old wife get fucked by muslims and we become there servants for life. Just don’t know how to make it happened. cherish this joy.

  2. Oh man, I wish my own wife was in a position such as yours. I would love for my wife to submissively surrender herself to a strong Muslim man like that. Knowing full well that it will most certainly escalate to servicing many more before he is finished with her! Your situation would be a dream come true for me, you very lucky man.

  3. My wife works for a Council in the West Midlands she was instructed never to visit the local refugee centre on her own, but did so. She had been chatted up by various Muslim men and youths there, when she went on her own while I was away, she was gang banged by 27 Muslim men and youths she is now fixated by them and being passed round other centres for their use. Recently I came home and found 11 of them having an anal orgy with her including taking her anally in two’s and threes!!

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