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White women having sex with muslims in refugee camps

So the Calais migrant camp is demolished and the migrants/refugees are being shifted elsewhere in Europe. The Calais migrant camp became famous and controversial, some media outlets even used the term notorious for it. It was big and getting out of control with more and more refugees pouring in. Many theories floating around, politics aside the only thing which is of concern is “white woman’s pussy and muslim cock”. Muslim cock ain’t going anywhere and white pussy will follow it where ever it goes. White women were going to this migrant camp to have sex with migrants/refugees who are predominantly Muslims from Arab countries, Africa and even from Bangladesh and Pakistan.

So would anything change after the demolition ? No, white women will still continue to suck and ride muslim dick, it is what truly satisfies their immense sexual urge.
White women have been regularly going to this camp to get a taste of real manhood since white man’s dick ain’t no good, white women do not get aroused around pussy white men anymore they need manly muslim men from male dominated foreign lands of masculinity and manhood.

calais sex white women muslimsex with muslim refugees

Where there is smoke there is fire. So many British women were going to Calais camp to get something which white men cannot give them.

paki man white woman

A Pakistani migrant Jibran and white woman named Dinah in the Calais jungle camp. No white man could make her so happy, see the happiness on her face, seeing that why would other white gals stay back.

“There must be something in French water.” Written in that news article in bold letters. Really ? Believe me there is nothing in french water, same European water. Let me correct that line “There must be something in Muslim cock, French white woman gets on Pakistani Pogo stick.”

muslim and white woman
White blonde Sarah and muslim Khalil

Love and sex in the jungle, another white woman falls for muslim in Calais refugee camp.
Sarah Gayton a British blonde left her job, from the U.K she went to France to work as a volunteer for free in Calais jungle refugee camp, and it shouldn’t surprise you that she found herself a muslim dong.
Obviously there were many more love and sex stories that happened in Calais jungle camp between white women and muslim men that didn’t make it to the media. These two serve as good examples and it is not just limited to Calais there are hundreds of refugee/migrant camps out there in Europe with hundreds of stories. Many white boys out there want to know every one of those stories as it serves as a good fap material for them.

Sisterhood among white women seems to be strong. White women are on the front line, they are in the vanguard grabbing muslim dicks, sukin and ridin it.

white woman for refugees

white women muslim

european women for muslim

white women are having sex with muslims

Comments from RT that caught my eye very interesting to say the least and all of them are from white males who probably masturbate seeing white women enjoying superior manhood. The comments do give an indication that somewhere down the line they do fantasize about white women grabbing muslim dicks.

muslim sissy men

finish women muslim sex

white women for muslim

european women like muslims

calais camp european women
A European women with afghan guy at calias camp

white women want muslims

white women want muslim

Earlier they were saying white women are stupid now they realize it was a calculated plan by whyte women to get superior seed. Just like you can’t keep a fish away from water similarly you cannot keep a white women away from superior muslim manhood.

11 thoughts on “White women having sex with muslims in refugee camps

  1. My daughter volunteered. It wasn’t long before she started having “affairs”. I was angry at first but what this article says is true. White women have needs and we should respect that. She still does aid work, but she also spends a lot of time on her back, or on her hands and knees in the tents while strong Arab and African migrants take turns with her.

  2. Im a Sissy Boy From Germany and i Need a Muslim master.
    Its a Great Luck if i can serve in a Camp, Or Serv a Muslim or be a Bf.

  3. Yes we need these camps all over the US, I would happily contribute money to help them get built and encourage all white girls to visit and get bred, and continue the wonderful movement towards the extinction of inferior white cocks like mine.

  4. I’m a 39yr old white female, I would love to visit a refugee camp and welcome them by spreading my white legs wide. But would they fuck and breed me? or am I to old? 🙁

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