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Whites craving for muslims

From the refugee camps to the homes of the whites, the daughters of Europe are enjoying muslim manhood everywhere.

The craze for muslim cock among many white women has tempted even the white males into worship muslim cocks that are entering Europe predominantly from the manly lands of africa and arabia which isn’t a surprise since white men are good at cuckolding.

In such a situation the go-to place for many whites is good old tumblr which is more popular in the west. Hence the result.

Hundreds of such blogs have come up and new ones keep coming up every now and then which are mostly made by the whites who want hard and strong muslim cock. With the approval of white women the strong saracen seed is spreading across the white lands of Europe.
Just of few of them.



Part 2:

2 thoughts on “Whites craving for muslims

  1. I love this shit so much! It makes my cock hard just reading all of this exciting stuff. I like to imagine pulling on my little white pud while I sit back and do absolutely nothing to stop it. I search all over the web, trying to find stories about or western women surrendering themselves to the sexual pleasure of Muslim men, but its very hard to find!

    I’m waiting for the day when I get the excitement of watching in the invasion of our women over her in America. My little pecker starts getting hard just thinking about a powerful Muslim man balls deep in my unworthy infidel wife’s ass.

  2. This is all so amazing. One hand it is the great sexual fantasy for most whites and on the other hand, it is becoming reality. White women are submitting to African and Arab men left and right. Africans (Blacks) and Arabs will dominant this world, and there isn’t a thing white can do about it. My desire for this reality to occur quicker as made me a progressive liberal supporter, so that we have elected officials who will open the borders for more diversity. In the end that means the end of the white race.

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