Who should I choose

I am Gayatri Kashyap, Delhiite girl living in a big city. My story starts when I was 19. I had just started my IT degree. It was at college that I met Ashish. Initially Ashish was just another guy in my class but he was sweeter than most. The thing is that I get a lot of attention because of my looks. I’m 5’4″ 32-26-34 with nice D cup breasts. Most guys were only interested in getting into my panty but I was brought up very traditionally and in my head, sex was something for after marriage.

Ashish was sweet, as we got to know each other more and more, we fell in love. We started dating about 3 years into our 4 year course. Ashish never pushed me to have sex and the furthest we’d gotten was some heavy petting through clothes. After college, I’d received a great job offer in Delhi while he got a job in Banglore. We both knew a long distance relationship would be hard but agreed that we wanted to give it a try.

A new job, with no friends was a cause of nervous excitement. Thankfully my company is used to hiring fresh college graduates and therefore has a good orientation program. It was at the orientation that I met Rizwan. He is also my age and from Srinagar Kashmir. Right from the first time I met Rizwan, I felt attracted to him. While Ashish was a rosy cheeked boy that you would like to take home to meet your mother, Rizwan was an unshaven rugged man who was not going to play by the rules.

I approached him during the orientation and we hit it off. As we settled down into a new life, we were constantly on the phone to each other to try and figure out the best way to do thing, just trying to get the water turned back on in one’s new apartment can be quite an adventure in India. We often found ourselves doing the same things at the same time and it helped that he had a motorcycle which saved me a lot of auto-rickshaw money. The motorbike only made him more attractive. I knew things were fishy because I hadn’t ever mentioned Rizwan to Ashish. I didn’t know why but I knew it wasn’t right.

About 6 months into the new job, some of us were going to hit a club for New Year’s. Rizwan and I arrived separately but eventually gravitated towards each other. Everyone drank plenty and at the end of the evening I was barely able to think straight. Rizwan offered to drop me home. not only was it stupid to accept the offer of being driven home by a guy while I was drunk but even more stupid that he was drunk and I was getting on the back of his bike.

The next thing I remember was waking up naked next to him in my bed. For a split second all I felt was a sense of excitement and naughtiness but then the reality of the situation hit me. I realized I was naked in bed with a guy when my own boyfriend hadn’t even seen me naked. My sobbing woke Rizwan up. He explained that last night I seemed up for anything and we got naked, got into bed, made out for about an hour before Rizwan realized that I had fallen asleep and though he had felt me, sucked on my nipples and fingered my pussy, nothing more had happened as I had fallen asleep. I cried like mad.

Rizwan left and I was too guilty to speak to Ashish for a few days. When we got back to work, things were awkward between Rizwan and I. We barely spoke all week at work. It wasn’t till Friday that Rizwan cornered me as I was walking out of the ladies room. The truth was that I was hoping that things would go back to normal, I liked Rizwan and despite everything that had happened, I still wanted to be friends. I knew this conversation would be the end of that. He was probably too embarrassed about what he had done – taking advantage of a drunken girl.

He pulled me into the stairwell and instead of apologizing, shocked me by saying that he wanted to fuck me and knew that I wanted to fuck him as well. He said that he loved my body and now that he had seen my pussy, he regretted not putting his cock in me when he had had the chance. Without me uttering a word or nodding my head, it had been agreed that he would give me a ride to his place after work that evening. I am yet to decipher the reason for me to agree: whether it was his sublime persuasion, his sexual charm or was it simply he unlocked the bitch inside me.

As we entered his bedroom, I was embarrassed. The last time I had an excuse, I had been drunk and didn’t know what I was doing. Rizwan asked me to strip. I was shy and I asked him to strip first. He gladly took off all his clothes. It was my first look at a naked man and it was everything I had imagined.

Rizwan was chiseled and muscular than Ashish. Although I hadn’t seen Ashish naked, I couldn’t help but compare how hard and rugged Rizwan’s body looked compared to Ashish.

After stripping, he approached me and took off my clothes while taking his time to savor my body. Every time a new bit of me was exposed, he would place kisses and lick my skin. My first reaction after being made stark naked was to cling onto him. But he made me stand afar. He watched me for few minutes. I had my eyes closed all the while.

Then we lay on the bed while we kissed. He spread my legs, for once, and kept staring at my pussy and pinkish anus. It was only when I told him not to do it he stopped and we resumed kissing.

I loved playing with his mouth and our tongues mashing together. Eventually he climbed on top of me and started sucking my nipples and biting them just enough to cause a little bit of pain. I was in ecstasy. He then moved down bringing his mouth near my pussy. At first I didn’t realize what he was going to do but as soon as I did, I covered my pussy. I wasn’t going to allow him to do that, eating pussy was only for porn movies, not for real people in the real people.

Rizwan was in no mood to take no for an answer. He pushed my hands aside and started kissing my moist lips. I had never known a feeling like that. I had often masturbated but it felt different with the warmth of his mouth on my lips. As he started to flick my clit with his tongue, I was ready to come.

His tongue was like magic and I came as he sucked on my clit. I was loud and screaming. Rizwan decided it was time to enter me. He pulled out a condom from his side drawer and as he rolled into onto his 8 inch tool, I was worried about the pain. I asked him to take it slow because I was a virgin. At that, he smiled and promised that he would. Instead, he pushed into in one big stroke. He slipped in easily enough and whispered that he knew I was wetter than any other woman he had been with and although he guessed that I would have a tight pussy, he knew I’d take him easily.

As he pummeled me, I felt emotions and sensations that I had never imagined that I would feel. I was a “good girl”. I didn’t fuck other men, I had never given a second thought to having an orgasm or feeling a big dick in me. But right now, I loved the thought of being fucked and feeling a nice piece of meat in my pussy. I wanted to fuck, I wanted to be pleasured, and I wanted to pleasure him. While I was glad that he had a condom, I was annoyed that he wouldn’t fill me with his cum. What was wrong with me!

I came twice more as he fucked me hard. We started in the missionary position when I came the first time. He then lay down and made me mount him. I loved riding my lover and soon came another time but managed to hold off long enough to come with him. I knew from then on that this would be my favorite position. I loved looking down on him as I rode him and he loved looking at my breast as they jiggled. As he spurted into the condom, all I could think of was having his cum inside me. We both fell asleep after that.

It wasn’t till Rizwan dropped me back to my place the next day that the guilt of letting another man take my virginity hit me. I loved Ashish but was physically drawn to Rizwan. I knew that I wanted to fuck Rizwan again but I promised myself that it would never happen again. I didn’t think I could live with guilt of fucking him another time. The great thing about guilt is that it wanes with time.

At work, Rizwan would often pull me into broom closets and empty stairwells where we would make out. I resisted for a while but eventually he wore me out. He taught me how to give a blowjob and soon I was giving him blowjobs whenever we could. He loved looking at my body and fingering my pussy. I rationalized that this wasn’t intercourse. I would still try and make sure that he didn’t fuck me again.

That didn’t last long! The next time we fucked was 2 months later. We were at his flat again. This time, I was less inhibited. We fucked in 4 or five positions before we both came. He liked to dominate me and ordered me around the bed while I liked being dominated and was happy to comply. Finally, after fucking all day, he pushed my legs back onto myself till my knees were near my head and held me there as he fucked me. I am sure he must have thought me as a sex-thirsty bitch. I hadn’t ever known anything like it and came harder than I could have ever imagined. After that he took me into the shower. I was all his. He made me stand in front of the shower with one leg on the wall as he entered me from behind. He wanted to ass-fuck me but I simply couldn’t relax my muscles. At last he tongue-fucked my anus to his heart’s content rimming it with his tongue’s tip and then licking it ferociously.

The third and last time we fucked was recently. He was at my place and there was no pretense, we were meeting to fuck. We fucked five times that day. The only time we weren’t making out or he had his cock out of me was when we stopped for lunch. After lunch we were fucking on the bed when we both lost all control and he came right in me. I was horrified that I would get pregnant. Rizwan consoled me that we would take care of it and use the morning after pill and things would be okay. He convinced me that since he had come inside me, there was no harm fucking without a condom the rest of the day. I have to admit I loved the thought of having his naked cock in me and his cum filling me again. I remember the entire next week, I was sore and had trouble walking.

This is where we’re at now. He’s fucked me more than 7-8 times over the past few months and I know anything less than his big cock and a great fucking would be disappointing. I’ve grown attached to Rizwan and his cock, he’s a Muslim and I’m a Hindu. My parents would never allow us to marry. I think I fall in love with Rizwan. I am racked with guilt from time to time and I’ll be happy if I marry Rizwan

I know Ashish can’t fuck like Rizwan and the thought of spending my life without his beautiful cock would just be a big disappointment. I’ve finally reconciled with the fact that as long as I’m in Rizwan is in my life I’m going to fuck Rizwan, something that I had struggled from time to time.

What should I do?? Reader’s thoughts would be greatly

Thank You !
Gayatri Kashyap

6 thoughts on “Who should I choose

  1. Hi Gayatri, I feel the importance of sexual satisfaction in any relationship is very clear. You should talk to your bf I sincerely hope he will understand your urges. If not, cheating is always an option!!

  2. Tujh jaisi Randi Shaadi karte he Hindu se aur chudwate he musalman se… Bachhe bhi unke hi paida karte he. You can only Choose to get fucked. You can’t choose to marry Muslim.

  3. gaytri once u tested muslim man big circumcised cock u will always satisfied with big Muslim dick it 100% per my advise marry with ashis and continue affairs with Ur muslim lover.

  4. Hi Gayatri, being attracted to a more handsome man is a natural thing. I too am attracted to such men but in real life you have to balance a few things, and Ashish seems like a nice guy. I sincerely hope he will understand you and your urges. Good Luck

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