Society [White]White Ladies

European white girls need muslim seed

europe needs islampussificationWhite men have been feminized, Pussified and neutralized. Muslim males are naturally dominating and cannot be pussified true muslim male would not bow down or submit to any man but only in front of the almighty. Most of the time if a white woman is in a relationship with a muslim male she willing submits herself to him his ideas and culture. Muslim sperm in white pussy is the way forward and should be the future. Many white boys are choosing to remain pussy free to help achieve this.
pussy free white boyswhite women in burqawhite girl hijabwhite women for islamThe strong species have the duty to hunt, rape, use, enslave and eradicate the weak ones. It’s not about history, politics, revenge or justice, this is called evolution. And this is a perfectly ordinary thing.
white women pussy
Future as it should be.
britain in 2050

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