Why hindu girls choose to sleep with muslim guys

Apart from the thrill of doing the forbidden, the pleasure of katwa lund and crossing lakshman rekha which hindu girls are usually better at there is another hidden reason ‘the love jihad factor’ which hindu girls turn to their advantage.

Basically if a hindu girl gets caught sleeping with a hindu guy, in that case the girl is usually blamed and held responsible entirely, the male is left alone, which one could also say is hindu male priviledge which modern day hindu girls like to smash.

On the other hand if a hindu girl gets caught sleeping with a musalman guy, in that case the muslim guy would be blamed and the hindu girl would be labelled as innocent and gullible to fall into the trap of the muslim guy’s lovejihad.

Repercussions –
This often happens in a group of lets say college friends there are 3 hindu girls and 6 hindu guys and 1 or 2 musalman guys which is usually the ratio, unless its a muslim college or the area has large muslim population.
Now its more likely for the hindu girl to fuck that 1 musalman guy and filter out (the common ones) the rest of hindu guys as sex partners.
I have noticed this on 2 occasions that, there was a hindu girl in the group with one muslman and the rest hindu guys. The hindu girl was into that 1 musalman guy and treated him differently, even if she pretended not to her body language and expressions gave it away as it was different with him.

If Hindu girl wants something different she jumps onto the muslim guy as he makes her feel different.
Girls are very calculative, the hindu girl understands its safer to make muslim guy her fuck-buddy, because if something goes wrong she won’t be blamed entirely, often she would be labelled as innocent victim and musalman guy would have to take all the blame for doing lovejihad. So this puts a greater onus on the musalman guy to keep it a secret at all costs as he wouldn’t want to get into all that. Therefore the fuck-buddy kind of sexual relationship between hindu girl and muslim guy becomes very compatible.

A Real Life Example
A middle aged hindu woman from a good family was with a muslim man in a Hotel. They were caught and the muslim guy was blamed for it entirely and the woman was sent back to her home.
The thing to notice here was that the Hindu woman was wearing “traditional Rajasthani attire.”
What does it mean, why was she wearing traditional hindu rajasthani rajput attire which women don’t usually wear unless its some cultural event or festival ?
It means that the hindu woman was craving to be fucked by the muslim male in her traditional dress. She wanted her fantasy to come true.
Thousands of hindu women have sex with muslim men like this, in this case things didn’t go as expected which happens rarely. The thing is that hindu girls will keep going after muslim males and with their sexy avatar, backless sarees they’ll keep motivating musalman guys who can’t be stopped no matter what.

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  1. last part is very true ..The thing is that hindu girls will keep going after muslim males and with their sexy avatar, backless sarees .. deep cut blouse…they’ll keep motivating musalman guys and always want to sleep under muslim hunk who can only satisfy them… and ofcource.. every muslim want to take a hindu girl under them

  2. U r rt. Priya nt only hindu girls even hindu mothers are also behind muslims my mom have an affair with our Muslim neighbor firoz

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