Why Hindu Girls Keep Falling For LoveJihads: Hindu Women’s Psychology Decoded

Hindu Women will cry a river about wanting Mr. Dependable and then go off to fuck Mr. Fantastic aka the Musalman mard with hard circumcised cock.

Hindu women will rather sleep with a dangerous Musalman man than be saddled by a faithful hindu loser.

You could see a Hindu girl hanging out with many Hindu male friends and never commit with anyone of them, but she would be fucking the one musalman that is in the group. She would be ready to do anything for that katbullah.

As Jordan Peterson said “Hindu women want dangerous men, they want to help civilize them.” The musalman mards are seen as sexjihadis lovejihadis and what not. The musalman man is also known for lusting hindu women, marrying them, divorcing them, using them and throwing them after a few years. It not surprising why hundreds of hindu girls every day in Hindustan fall in the lap of lovejihadis inspite of the rigorous campaigns by hindu boys who caution about not to fall for the musalman katwas.

None of this is vague and this is how it functions in the world out there and you have also probably experienced this in some point of ur life.

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