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First of all the Google suggestions are generated based on what people search and how much people search a particular thing, popularity plays a major role. The more a particular thing is searched the more its popularity and rank grows and google shows the most popular and most searched items as suggestions at the top.

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why hindu women like muslim


So what is happening is Hindu ladies are falling for Musalmans everywhere and Hendu men see it happening around them all the time in schools, colleges, offices, work places, neighborhood, some catch their wives having a secret affair with some musalman etc.. so they wonder WHY, some even have fantasies regarding it.. and hence so many of them search it on google, Why hindu girls… blah blah blah… Ultimately it makes those search terms popular and you may see the results on google.

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  1. Mana kii hamari ladkinya aap lnogo se relationship bana rahi hne par woo aap lnogo se saadi nahi karna chati

  2. LOL now the fascists will say Google is also fake

  3. I am from Hindu brahimin family hamari family k bare me janna he to muslim s Bhai
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    [email protected]

  4. I am proud that I have some contribution in making it the popular searches.

  5. hn ham aap se relation rakhte hain sex ka sadi ke bad bhi rakhenge alakin sadi nahin.

  6. wana be fucked wildly mail me you hindu beauties [email protected]

  7. meri married didi bahut sexy hai lekin ek 40 sal ke musalman Se sex affair hai uska.musalman didi ko jija Se divorce ke liye kah raha hai aajkal.kya karu pls help me

  8. Ram tu kya kr sakta hai ab to Teri Behan ko hamare Lund ka chaska lag gya hai

  9. Its true… and these Google searches look really interesting… it would suggest even those not looking to find out why so many such keywords are there… its good that Muslim Lund continues to dominate mind body and soul of Hindu women… because only they can satisfy Hindu women… Ram you should be happy your sister is after a Muslim Lund… finally she will be satisfied… my mom gets fucked by Muslim friend regularly… she is his bitch… I am also addicted to Muslim dicks as a Hindu man… I would love to see these keywords in Google in near future…
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  10. Is it real theory by the way :/

  11. Correct vaishnavi Didi

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