Why h!ndu women prefer Musl!m mard since olden times

Females desire and deserve to be bred by the superior male this is not only a natural occurrence but a necessary one as well. The hindu male being completely inferior to the Muslim mard easily and willingly gives up his right to sex with his wife and allow muslim mard to fuck their innocent wife.

It was used thousands of years ago by concurring nations, tribes. When the superior force(Muslum Mard) took over a village, town or city and defeated the hindu males, would take the wives of the local males and breed them. They would impregnate as many of the women as they could for several very good reasons. By doing so, most of the women became attached to the superior(Muslim) males. They changed their loyalty and allegiance to the better man. They looked upon their husbands as lower beings. This provided the Muslim mard with an advantage of having the women loyal and obedient to them, removing the ability of the local Hindu men to cause trouble, showing the inferior males their true place and helping them accept it and improving the population though the superior Muslim genes.

Domination of a population has always been done through the sexing of the female population no matter if it is humans or the animal kingdom. Those who do the breeding are the ones in. control, it’s just that simple.

After Victory took place a term called “first rights” was brought into use. What this meant was that the concurring ruling party had first rights to breed any female of age. This was usually done when a couple were married,the  ruling Muslim mard would take the female and breed her until she became pregnant and then she was returned to her hindu husband with baby. This instilled who was superior, who was in charge and who they better respect. for the most part wanted to have their children by the superior males, the leaders, the royalty.  wife had to marry an inferior male because life was hard without a husband but they could bear children by a real superior Muslim man and they did. Some of them found ways to have additional children by the ruler because he was usually very good at sex, offered better living conditions and food.

Many of theses women used this to further control their inferior hindu husbands by letting them know how great Muslim mard so and so was.

The Muslim man can now spread his seed though the Hindu wife to improve the species. The Hindu wife will become dedicated, loyal and obedient to the Muslim mard and help insure that the her husband is obedient and loyal as well.

In the Muslim-OWNED WORLD ORDER, more hindu wife,sister and mother are going to learn how to love and submit to Muslim Lund so much that they will ignore their pathetic hindu husband away!

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  1. Chut Marne Ka tarika power aur Lund sirf musalmano k pas hota hai isme koi doubt nahi hai aur honi bhi nahi chahiye..
    Kik: deviarti

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