Why you become cuckold

I believe you ARE a cuckold. That is something you are born into and you cannot change your basic nature. It seems that there are many different ways you arrive at the cuckold state. It may be because you are small and cannot perform. You may just lack the manliness to attract a woman sexually. Being Hindu must play a role in that it would seem more cuckolds are Hindu and few, if any, Muslim men are cuckolds.

For me the interest started when I read stories about big Muslim men fucking the wives of Hindu men and the Hindu wives becoming besotted with Muslim men. Up to this point I had no particular fetish or lifestyle that interested me beyond the norm.

However, once I read these Muslim Hindu wife stories I became hooked on the idea of cuckolding and truly believed I had found my sexual calling. I wanted to find and help a future partner enjoy the ecstasy and taboo of fucking big Muslim men – a sexual eroticism that I couldn’t offer. In this I feel no jealousy or inferiority just a shared pleasure.

Sex, and also relationships in general, are both mental and physical. The pleasure part is what keeps the relationships healthy. The Muslim man is the driving force in most of these relationships. I think his pleasure is two fold. It is first the pleasure of being with a Hindu woman who has gotten beyond any prejudices And I mean really committed. Secondly, the Muslim man is more masculine and I suspect he enjoys the idea of taking the woman away from the Hindu boy. The raunchier the sex and the less the Hindu boy gets to do the more it is a turn. This is what it is to be an alpha male. To take what is yours. It has to be more than coincidence that most alpha males are Muslim. People may not like that but it is reality. It has taken me years to accept this but I now do.

The Hindu woman is naturally attracted to the Muslim man. He allows her to be soft and feminine. Her pleasure is sexual, of course, with a superior man. But I think it is also mental. It is a power trip for her to have the Hindu boy around desiring her and for her to deny him. The taboo nature of the Muslim sex may play a role but I think it is the nature of the men themselves. Hindu girls like Muslim men. Do all of them? Probably not but deep down that is the most natural sexual relationship. I say this because how else could you explain the growing numbers of Muslim men and Hindu women despite the pressures and prejudices Hindu men have brought to this to try and stop it. You cannot stop it. Better to accept it.

Finally the cuckolded boy. I do not understand it all but it seems like the cuckold has a deeply seated desire to have sex but an even greater desire to submit. He knows that he cannot compete. So the normal way for a cuckold to have sex is by masturbation. Nature makes it pleasurable for the cuckold to be humiliated and makes him desire to see his Hindu wife with a Muslim man. He is just drawn into it. He also is naturally inclined to accept defeat at the hands of the alpha man. It allows him to stop trying to be something that he is not. That is what it means to be a beta male. To accept that you are a lesser man and to appreciate the honesty that your wife shows by having sex with another man. For me, I think it helps if the alpha male is a Muslim man. That just is easier to accept.

My cuckolding instincts are totally Muslim focused, in that I’d only accept being a cuckold to a partner who fucked Muslim men. There’s no way I’d accept my partner fucking Hindu, or other men even if it brought her pleasure. The bull or bulls have to be big and Muslim! That’s the only sexual control I’d exert over my partner in a cuck relationship – you fuck Muslim cock only.

These are my thoughts on this. Everybody wins in a cuckolding relationship as long as everyone accepts their role. I think it is like a tower with the Muslim man at the top. His pleasure and needs come first. If they are met then the Hindu woman is satisfied but it takes the chastity of the Hindu boy and his defeat by and submission to the Muslim man to make this work. The couple actually involved in sex and a romantic relationship both need the cuckolded boy for that extra bit of spice to make it work..

Is there anything more veril (sexually stimulating) than seeing a Muslim Man (Taboo) with a large phalus, fucking your wife? Giving her more raw sexual pleasure than the hubby? Filling her with cum that is swimming with Muslim seed, seed that, if it takes hold, will show the undeniable evidence that she has been unfaithful??

Another aspect of Muslim cuckolding that has effected me is a move from the desire to have penetrative sex to a desire to give oral sex. To lick my partner’s Hindu pussy pre and post Muslim sex is like nirvana and is something I hope she will enjoy enormously too.
Those are some of the changes that have accompanied my transition to becoming an cuckold but the actual why remains largely elusive.

5 thoughts on “Why you become cuckold

  1. Yeh baat bikul sach hai, mein bahut saalo se dekh raha hu ki hum hindu aadmiyo mein wo jazba nahi hota hai ki hum kisi aurat ya ladki ko asli sukh de sake. Mein bilkul bhi vishwas nahi karta tha ki dharam ka sexual power par koi relationship hota hai, lekin mujhe meri biwi ne prove kar diya ki hum Hindu aadmi sex mein musalman mardo ki barabari nahi kar sakte
    Meri wife Meghna ,abhi hamari shadi ko 4 saal hi hue hai, khubsurat jawan Hindu Housewife hai age 28, lekin mein kabhi use achche se satisfy nahi kar paya
    Phir aaj se teen saal pehle mere office ne aik driver mere liye appoint kiya Jabbar Ansari
    Jabbar age 50 saal , kala badsurat par bahut gathile badan ka malik hai, sath hi uski lamBi dadhi, Aur sar pe jalidar topi use aik pak Musalman banati hai.
    Uske appointment ke teen mahine baad hi main Aik din tour se achanak wapas aaya to dekha ki meri wife jo pehle musalman mardo se sakht nafrat karti thi, mere hi bedroom mein Jabbar ka Musal MUSALMAN LUND choos rahi thi
    Meghna ne kabhi mera lund nahi choosa tha aaj Jabbar ka kala ganda par mere lund se doguna bada aur kafi mota Lund aik bazaru randi ki tarah choos rahi thi
    Jabbar ke vishal kaha karati badan ko dekh k mein bahut daar gaya aur chup pe dekhne laga
    Agle 3 ghante Jabbar ne meri Biwi Meghna ko lagatar choda, har tarah se choda, kabhi sidhe , kabhi kutiya bana ke
    Sath hi Jabbar meri khubsurat jawan Hindu biwi Meghna ko aur mujhe zalil bhi karta ja raha tha
    Lekin Meghna ke chehre par aisi khushi thi jo maine kabhi nahi dekhi thi.
    Baad mein jab maine Meghna se sab pucha to Meghna se mujh Se saaf keh diya ki wo Jabbar ko nahi chod sakti hai,chahe mein kuch bhi kar lu , sath hi usne mujhe dhamki bhi di ki agar meine kuch kiya to wo sabko bata degi ki mein napunsak hu
    Sharam ke maare maine kuch nahi kiya
    Aaj teen saalo se jyada se Jabbar khul ke meri Khubsurat jawan Hindu biwi ko chod raha hai, bas faraq yeh hai ki ab mujhe bhi issi mein mazaa aata hai
    Jab bhi Jabbar ka 9 inch lamba 3 inch mota kala khatna kiya lund meri Meghna ki gori chut ya gaand mein jata hai to sab se jyada mazaa mujhe hi aata hai
    Jabbar ke samne Meghna mujhe khul ke , Hindu Kutta, Gaandu, Bhadua, Biwi ka Dalla bolti hai to mera choti sa lulli tight ho jati hai
    Aur Meghna khud ko khushi khushi CHUDASI HINDU RANDI KUTIYA , Jabbar ki RAAND kehti hai
    Asli swarg hai to yahi hai ki humari Hindu Biwi ya Behan kisi kattar zalim musalman mard ki gulami kare
    Aur hum apni Biwi ya Behan ki Chudi hui chut ko chat sake

    1. MANISH,
      Jo tere saath ho raha hai , usse kudrat ka hukum samaj qabool karo. Teri bibi Meghna khush hai na? Phir kya, aur usse dekh kar tum bhi khush hote ho. Chudane se Chut ghis nahin jati, per Phail ( badi ho jati hai) jaati hai. Apni aurat khush to hamari achhi zindagi bani rahti hai.

  2. bilkul sach h.meri married didi ka affairs ek 45 sal k musalman se h.jijaji bahar job karate h.bahut maza aata h didi aur musalman ki chudai dekh kr lund hilane me

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