Wife conceive

We had been trying to have a baby for a long time, and my wife, Parvati, was really excited about the whole thing. But when a few years had passed by without any sign of a baby, my wife became worried and depressed. On the advice of a family friend we went to see a fertility specialist who did couple of tests and said that we were both absolutely fine.

The doctor tried to calm us by offering my wife a shot that might help her conceive; however, he added with a grin, “You must have sex as much as possible during the four days following the injection for it to be effective.” Without batting an eyelid, my wife offered her big back-side for the syringe. Now the heat was on me and I had to perform!

When we reached home and my wife ripped her clothes off, barely waiting to get into the bedroom. Unfortunately, my cock remained soft and tiny.

I told Parvati I had a horrible headache and tried to excuse myself from our marital bed, which clearly angered her. She complained that the doctor had been my idea, now it seemed I didn’t want to follow through with the plan! I mumbled some kind of apology and went into the study to watch a little TV.

Less than an hour later, she was back, wearing just some sexy cloth. Parvati tried to grope me but found my cock remained limp as a noodle. She looked so angry that I could have sworn she might slap me. Just when I was about to yell at her to leave me alone, the phone rang. It was one of my buddies. His car had broken down just two blocks from my house and he needed some help. Of course I agreed to pick him up, so I left Parvati lying on the couch with an inflamed pussy and unfulfilled lust.

My friend Javed and his brother Shakeel were standing next to their beat-up car when I arrived. Javed was my only close Muslim friend from work, we had known each other for a couple of years, though I had only met his brother once before. Both men were much bigger and much older than me, and, absolutely rough Muslim. Javed told me that a garage would get their car tomorrow morning then asked if I could drive them to his place across town. I’m not certain what came over me, but I quickly invited them to stay at my place for the evening. I must have thought that Parvati wouldn’t bother me if we had company, or maybe I believed my wife might have her attention drawn away with two big Muslim strangers in the house.

When we reached home after an hour or so, my wife was nowhere to be seen. I saw an empty wine bottle in the sink and knew she must have been drinking and probably gone to bed. Because Javed and Shakeel were hungry I opened some beers and fixed some sandwiches. My friend and I had not seen each other for a week so we started talking about work. After an hour Shakeel was yawning big time, so I told him where the spare bedroom was upstairs. Javed suggested he get some sleep and he would be up soon.

After downing some more beer, Javed said he was tired and wanted to grab some shut eye. We walked up and I showed him the door to the guest room. I then quietly slipped into my own bedroom, so I wouldn’t wake my wife. To my shock, I saw Shakeel’s huge old frame between my wife’s legs. Pulling out what must have been 10″ of thick Muslim cock, the elderly man slowly inserted his muscle into Parvati’s usually tight cunt! Mesmerized, all I could do was meekly watch as his thick Muslim lund sliced through her married pussy like a hot knife through butter. Soon all of his fat Muslim lund was buried deep inside to the Parvati’s hindu pussy.

The sight of that older Muslim man violating my drunk hindu wife’s previously faithful vagina, actually gave me a hard-on! Watching Shakeel saw his big bone in and out of Parvati made me very horny, thank God they didn’t see me watching because I had already unzipped and begun to jack off. As I stood in the shadows, I was amazed at the force used by the old Muslim man as he plowed Parvati, at was as if he hadn’t had a woman in a decade. My wife was wide awake and moaning at every thrust made by that awesome dark Muslim tool, she didn’t even question that there was a totally strange man fucking her, she just willing accepted the situation. Probably because the fertility drug and wine had both worked their magic on Parvati’s libido, she even started encouraging the senior citizen to fuck her harder! Shakeel needed no invitation though, he soon had my wife’s legs bent back to her breasts and started to screw hard down into Parvati’s drooling pussy, all the while telling her that she was a great “piece of hindu meat” and a total slut. He of course knew she was my wife, therefore telling her that she needed a real man to take care of her and fill her belly with children!

With that, Shakeel grunted and announced he was about to cum. The older man quickened his pace in and out of Parvati’s stretched hole while leaning down to cover my wife’s mouth with a sloppy kiss. As his tongue snaked into her mouth, Parvati’s eyes got really big and she began to push at the old Muslim man and squirm beneath his large torso. She tried to speak but it was hard to do with Shakeel’s long tongue lodged inside her mouth. Finally, turning her head from the Muslim man’s thick lips, Parvati begged him to pull out before he came, breathlessly explaining to Shakeel between thrusts that she was at her dangerous time of the month. If anything, I believe that made him even more determined to seed my wife’s fertile pussy as he actually quickened his hard fucking! Soon after, the elderly Muslim guy held himself deep between Parvati’s flailing legs and groaned as he pumped his sperm inside her married womb. Shakeel had such a big cock and my wife’s legs were bent so far back against her chest, that I’m certain he was firing his Muslim baby bullets straight to her eggs! I couldn’t help but notice that as Javed’s brother was filling my wife with potent seed, Parvati had a tremendous orgasm which caused her to moan loudly. Her pretty toes curled into a ball and she began to shudder, always a sign that my now unfaithful bride came hard!

Shakeel held himself inside Parvati for a few minutes while she pleaded for him to let her up so she could try to douche out his virile deposit; however, the old Muslim man held her in place with the weight of his big body. Eventually, while my wife softly sobbed, he rolled off of Parvati. Even in the dim light I could see her puffy, open cunt, as it drooled a copious amount of Muslim baby-making juice. She just lay there panting with her pretty legs splayed wide open, as if she had been frozen there from the pounding she had received. The elderly Muslim gently stroked her, assuring her that everything would be alright and that I would never suspect a thing! Of course, not only had I seen their session, but I re-awakened my own strong desire to service Parvati as a husband should! My own cum stained my pants as I had jacked-off furiously to the sight of my own bride of 4 years, being serviced by this older Muslim, were a testament to how horny I had been.

I was shaken out of my thoughts when I felt a hand on my shoulder. Javed, not finding Shakeel in the guest room he had come out look for him. He had heard the moans and thumping of the bed against the wall, so naturally the he had been drawn to my bedroom. Javed had also seen his older mature Muslim brother breeding my drunken wife. He whispered to me to be quiet and leave the room. We both went into the hallway where, except for Parvati’s occasional moans and sobs, we silently stared at each other. Softly the younger Muslim man asked me if I was cool about what happened. He said he hoped I was, because he wanted a shot at my wife as well.

I shocked myself as I heard my own voice telling Javed that it was fine. Sure, I said, go ahead and join your brother in my marital bed. I knew Parvati had been acting under the influence of the alcohol and the fertility drug, So I was under the impression that she might not be unhappy with another partner tonight. He looked at me curiously, but still thanking me, Javed quickly stepped out of his boxers. Proudly displaying what my wife would be getting shortly, Javed meaty 8-inch cock hung heavily between his thick hairy legs, though it was till limp! Smiling at me, Javed swaggered off to join his brother. To my dismay, as he entered the bedroom, my co-worker shut the door behind him so I was cut off from seeing any action. I could hear him introduce himself to Parvati, and explain that I had fallen asleep downstairs. When my wife started to complain and ask to get up, there was the unmistakable sound of a slap and Javed ordering my wife to be quiet. Parvati again began to cry, which made the Muslim brothers laugh while Javed told her to start sucking him off. She must have tried to refuse, because there was another slap and Parvati’s protests were quickly replaced by wet and sloppy gagging sounds. I almost opened the door to stop this business, when I heard my wife softly tell Javed to please be gentile and pull out before he came in her. At that, I backed off thinking to myself that maybe Parvati would be happier with a night of hard fucking with these older Muslim mard. I stayed by the door for about 20 minutes, listening as my bride serviced them with her mouth, then her pussy. I couldn’t stand anymore of the creaking bed springs, the moans and the sounds of sloppy sex. Eventually, I went down to the study and fell into a fitful sleep.

The combination of beer, tension, and the surprise of seeing Parvati getting the royal screwing of her life, must have caused me to sleep for a long time. I awoke around the middle of the morning the next day with a headache. The events of the previous evening came rushing back to me in a second however, and I sat up quickly, something for which my head punished me. Carefully, I climbed the stairs to our bedroom. I expected to find Parvati and my friend from work still screwing I guess, but got a surprise when I entered an empty room. I searched the upstairs, finding only that the shower had been used and that there was no sign of the two Muslim men or my wife. Upon examination, our bed was a mess. It was still wet from semen, sweat, and the smell of Parvati’s sex, clearly the trio had used it well into the night while I crashed. I then rushed downstairs and out to our garage where I found my car gone. Where ever my pretty bride was, I could guess she, Javed and his brother had left together.

Well, I didn’t have a car so the only thing to do was shower, shave, and try to get my hangover under control, however, just as I was getting ready to clean up, the phone rang. I ran to it and was a little surprised that Javed was on the line. He explained that Parvati had driven him and Shakeel to a repair place that could get his car running. I could hear the sarcasm dripping from his voice when he thanked me for the “hospitality” last night, and getting to meet my wife. My Muslim co-worker assured me that Parvati would be home in a few hours, but had to drive the two men to their place across town. I begged to speak to her and after a few moments Parvati took the line. Trying to apologize for having the brothers spend the evening, Parvati cut me short and explained that she knew I had watched her and the older Muslim man. My wife told me that if I didn’t say anything about Shakeel and Javed screwing her in our own marital bed, I had no reason to be concerned over what she would do later that day with the two brothers. Just as I started to protest, my wife, saying she’d be back a little later, hung up.

If I thought I was crushed then, I had only to wait until my wife finally did come home later in the afternoon. I heard our car pull into the garage and I ran to the back door to greet her. Parvati was wearing a thin semitransparent dress, high heel slides and a big smile. As she moved past me, Parvati turned and explained that she was very tired from all the sex she’d had over the past few hours. Parvati said she was going to shower, take a nap, then get ready for her “date” with Shakeel that evening! When I started to protest, my wife, waving her finger at me in interruption, told me that the two Muslim men knew all about our attempt to conceive and agreed to “help”. Shakeel in particular was eager to aid Parvati, and had really grown fond of my wife. With no indication of compromise in her voice, my lovely bride said that she was going to spend at least a week with the older man and nothing I could say or do would change that. As she walked out of the kitchen to go upstairs I followed, begging her to reconsider, but she ignored my pleas. I noticed as she left for her shower that there were wet streaks on the insides of her legs, no doubt from the semen dripping out of her fertile cunt. I wondered just how many times the two Muslims had inseminated Parvati that day.

True to her word, my wife got up from a nap later that evening and dressed for her “seeding date”, her term not mine, with Shakeel. Parvati wore a very tight blue-dress, high heels, and little else. My wife also had a small suitcase with her because she would be over at the older Muslim man’s house for awhile. Just when I was about to put me foot down, a horn sounded in our driveway, and Parvati was out the door. It was Javed and his older brother in their newly repaired car. Shakeel got out, and waving at me with a big grin on his face, helped my wife get in the front in between them. As they backed out of the drive, Javed shouted that they would have Parvati back home in a week. I wish I could say that I was really upset, but that would have been a lie. The thought of my wife being impregnated by the brothers, especially the older Muslim guy, made me horny as hell……

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  1. wow very nive stroy. mere se milti julti hai. mera naam bhi parvati hai or mai abhi ek muslim aadmi ke bacche ki maa hu. pr wo mera pati nhi hai. ye stroy mere saat uski pyar ki kahani ke jaise hai. i love him so much.

    1. shriya…tum married ho ke un married….?agar tum unmarried he to meri bibi ban ja….teri muslim bachhe ki maa banne ki khwahish mai puri karne dunga…reply me

    1. u r lucky brother and I also want to be lucky like u but my elder sister is married.i want my elder sister fucked by muslim man.add me on Kik rrraj1

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