Wife’s Satisfaction

I am Manish from Delhi. I am 31 years of age and married to a beautiful woman Hansa. I am working in marketing and sales department and most the times I am under a lot of stress. Cigarettes and drinking used to help in the start of the career; but they are mere companions now. Due to this excessive work load and stress I am looking old due to those grey hairs and wrinkles on forehead. No man in this world thinks himself to be incompetitive in bed; but he is made to realize this. And same held true for me; when Hansa made me feel weaker. I used to fuck my wife’s pussy twice in a month and I think that was not enough for her. I knew it when I saw her being fucked by our musalman servant Khalid. And this real life incident I am narrating as a wife’s submission to a low class Musalman.

My Wife Was Sex Deprived

He is working in our house for last 2 years. He is a bihari bhaiya ji. He is not a young lad but an uncle ji. He must be aroud 39-41 of age with thick moustache and protruding tummy. He smokes bidi and chews tobacco. Though I don’t allow him smoke and take tobacco when he is working in our house. Earlier he had his wife and daughter here only. But he said he can’t bear the expenses and sent them back to his hometown.

It was windy evening in July and rain was also pouring in drops. My sales meeting with one of the client was cancelled due to this weather. I thought of leaving early and packed my briefcase. I started towards home and the rain increased drastically as I reached home. I was half wet running from car to the main gate. I took out my key and opened the main gate. The hall area was empty. Generally Hansa greets me there only. I took a towel and wiped the rain drops on my hairs. I though Hansa must be out. I went towards kitchen and had sips of cold water. It was too early today; and 2 more hours were left to my regular my home coming timing.

And I heard moaning sounds from Hansa’s bedroom. I was stuck and shocked. Why was she moaning now? Was she having some sort of pain? I almost ran towards the bedroom. As I neared the bedroom I could hear the moans nicely. They were not the painful moans instead those were the pleasure moans. For a moment I thought Hansa was masturbating in the bedroom. And I cursed myself for not giving her enough space and time. I thought of peep in through the key-hole.

And there came the biggest shock of my life. As I looked from the key-hole; the scene was a servant madam fucking. Hansa was bent on the couch and He was fucking her pussy from behind. I could clearly see both of them as they did not bother to dim the light. Well, why they would care. It was me who was early, they must have been on the routine timings only. He was poking his big black dick in my wife’s fair and hot pussy. Hansa was so sex greedy that she did not ask him to use protection as well. His dick was ramming my wife’s pussy without any protection. Hansa was moaning loudly as that dick was almost double compared to mine and at least 1 and half time thicker. Hansa was shaking her ass and helping him in making that perfect doggy style fucking with her.

He Fucked Wife’s Pussy And Ass

I was helpless seeing this fuck show. I was a poor guy who was watching his wife’s pussy being fucked by a bigger dick than his. He was spanking Hansa’s ass and fucking her more and more fast.

After fucking her for 2 more minutes like that he said, Madam pichhe daalne do na bahut din se nahi maari aap ki gaand. (mam, let me fuck your ass, it has been time since I ass fucked you).

Wow, Hansa never let me fuck her ass but he was lucky bastard to have that pleasure.

Hansa said, daal de jaha daalna hai tujhe. Tere sahab ka chhota lund to chut bhigota bhi nahi aur dhal jaata hai. Tu hi mera asli husband hai jo itne mahino se mujhe khush rakh raha hai. (Do as you wish. Your boss’s dick does not even wet my pussy and it withers. You are my true husband.)

I was feeling ashamed on myself now. He took out his dick from my wife’s pussy and placed it on her asshole. Hansa helped him setting it up on right place. With a slight jerk he pumped his dick inside. Hansa moaned with pain this time. He bent and started kissing Hansa on her lips. He was pumping his dick in and out of Hansa’s sexy ass. Hansa started to enjoy this hardcore anal sex in a minute only. I could see her big ass move up and down to compensate the jerks given by him. He was fucking ass while his hand was rubbing my wife’s pussy. Both of them were breathing heavily now.

And he took out his dick from ass now. He started shaking it and a huge load of cum came out. All that cum was spread on my wife’s pussy and ass. Hansa herself spread it all around her genitals. They seperated and I ran towards my car.

I took a round and came back to my house in 10 minutes. And Hansa greeted me in the hall as if nothing had happened. And I though; were they fucking everyday just like this?

Friends what do I do now? Shall I divorce Hansa, I don’t have any proof against her and it would be very humiliating for me and my family that instead of me a young man , a dirty ugly looking musalman mard servant of 45 years is sexually satisfying my young beautiful wife-
At the same time I must admit that I found it extremely erotic to see my young beautiful wife in throes of sexual bliss from a low class musalman mard of much older age.
This my life story has many more incidents later too.

4 thoughts on “Wife’s Satisfaction

  1. Great Manish, this is real life, you also enjoy the eroticism of watching your young beautiful hindu wife enjoying sexual bliss from an older musalman servant
    Yahi asli swarg hai, jannat hai
    Tumhari biwi ko to asli mard yani musalman mard ka sukh mil gaya

  2. First of all great story manish,
    I would suggest that you should not divorce ur wife as she too has the right of getting herself satisfied.even if u leave her she will continue to do sex with ur servant or some other Muslim to get herself satisfied but that will be difficult for her as she will be a divorced lady and people will make her life hell. So support her and don’t be worried. Just let her know that ur OK with her sexual adventures but don’t let ur servant know otherwise he will try to dominate u and u might get in trouble. I too have gone through similar situations and I am willing to do anything to keep my wife happy. I guess u too shall do the same.

  3. सिंगर नेहा भसीन ने इटली में संगीतकार समीर उद्दीन के साथ की शादी

  4. Most married women feel that they should have at least 1 experiencw of another they are waiting for chance.when they get offer by big penised muslim males they feel naughty and do sex with is common nowdays

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