Yamini becomes Asif’s Mistress

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Later that night While chatting with Yamini, I asked her about Asif .. how they met and all that. She initially refused to tell me anything about him but later after some persuasion she told me everything about their relationship.
Earlier I used to think it must be Asif who have coaxed  hindu girl in his web but Yamini refuted this and told me –
Asif is a physical education instructor in her school. She said that the first day she saw him in school she got smitten by his hot muscular body. She herself approached him and introduced herself to him, he behaved like a nice gentle guy. It was like love at first sight but it was one sided only as he was already married so he keept ignoring her. But Yamini tried to lure him, she started wearing deep cut blouse and suits to school. She used to cover herself in the classroom but used to flash in front of him.

She admitted that she even got warning from head mistress regarding her revealing outfits. She ignored her warnings as she was adamant to impress him. Her D day came last year during Teachers’ Day celebration in her school. It was all fun day everybody was well dressed up. She wore red transparent low waist saree and deep cut tiny blouse, she knew that today she will make Asif fall for her. She mischievously went to the school terrace and called Asif to meet her. Asif obliged and went to the terrace. As soon he reached terrace she jumped over him and started kissing him, no words were spoken its all kissing, she placed his hand over her boobs and let him press her. Asif the muslim stud utilized this golden opportunity and fucked her. They both knew no one will disturb them here.

He fucked Yamini and gave her the pleasures of her life. After getting fucked Yamini confessed her love for him, he rejected her proposal and said he is already married. Yamini started crying, she knew all means to tackle a man. She said, she is not asking him to leave his wife, its just she want little space in her heart. Her tears melts Asif heart he said he can accept her as a mistress ‘Rakhail’ only and can’t accepet her publicly. She accepted it. Since then Asif fucks my Yamini twice every week and when his wife is at her parents place she spends multiple nights with him.

She said she is going to marry me but Asif will have the first right on her. She has accepted Asif as her husband and its just because of the society she is marrying me.

I hope things will change after marriage and she will give importance to me too.

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  1. Thanks for posting.

  2. I hope i find such a wife who is a bitch a rakhail for muslims and makes me her paltu kutta
    Kik- cuckpornlover

  3. I don’t know.. its lucky or not but Its so much sexually enthralling.

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