Zohair Fucks My Crush

This is my true story from last year when I was in college I had a crush on a girl named Bhavika who was a badminton player. We both were studying in the same college. She was short, stood close to 4.6 to 5 but she was very cute and had a lovely smile.

We used to chat on facebook and she knew me. There was a mosque close to our college and on Fridays the whole place used to become too crowded. On one such Friday afternoon after the college I saw Bhavika with a Muslim guy who was in white kurta, it was clear that he was a Muslim who was there after Friday namaz.

Bhavika seemed very cozy with him and it was clear that she knew him as I saw that she had gone with that guy on his motorbike.

In the evening on facebook I asked her about that guy and she told me that he is a close friend and they know each other since two years.

One day I proposed Bhavika, she didn’t say anything initially and when she did she told me that she can’t get into a relationship.

I did everything I could to change her mind, I was now getting frustrated as she stopped picking up my phone calls. I started messaging her on facebook like a maniac. It got worse and I began using harsh words. She became very irritated and finally revealed that she is not single.

I replied you never said you had a boyfriend. She said she didn’t, but now she has, from the past one week and she told me to leave her alone.

I asked more about this boyfriend of hers and she told me everything.
He was the same guy with whom I had seen her previously. His name was Zohair.

Then I threatened Zohair on facebook telling her to leave Bhavika alone so we had a heated argument. Zohair told about this to Bhavika who then messaged me telling me to fuck off.

I called Zohair katva and used all he slurs, Zohair laughed and told me that the girl I dream about loves kata hua (cut) .

Zohair told me “beta bahot bada hai mera dikha diya to tu bhi chusne laega” (Mine is very big if I show you you’d also start sucking it)

I said teri gand mai itna dum nahi hai. (You dot have the balls)

After a few minutes Zohair sent me his dick and told me to suck it.

On seeing his big circumcised kata hua cock I had a strange feeling. I couldn’t imagine Bhavika with him.

I messaged Bhavika showing screenshots of Zohair’s messages with a hope that she would change her mind about him but instead she said I am such a wimp and a crybaby. She told me to grow up.

I became even more annoyed and told her that she is a bitch and a slut. Bhavika laughed at me and said I am not a man. She told me that she would do me a great favor to let me suck her boyfriend’s dick.

The quarrel got worse, I told her that she is mullah’s slut and that she couldn’t get anyone else but a katua.

She then added me into group chat with Zohair and Bhavika against me. Bhavika showed him all my messages.

Zohair mocked me saying that he is jealous of his kata lund (circumcised cock). Bhavika also loled and agreed with him.
They both started chatting romantically calling each other baby to piss me off.

After talking enough I left the conversation but gradually I started thinking about Bhavika the modern day hindu girl enjoying that musalman’s lund. I come to terms with the reality that she loves the musalman’s lund. I started thinking about how she would be getting herself fucked by Zohair’s big rod of a dick. She would be pleasing it with her mouth and stroking it with her soft hands.
Eventually I got addicted to Muslim cock.

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